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  1. Hi guys. Just wondering if anyone may have a nice Anschutz 1813/1913 they might want to sell? It will be my first smallbore target rifle now ive completed my probationary period at the club. As much as id love to run out and spend 2K+ on a brand new rifle its just not possible for me at the moment. I have a budget of £700 tops to spend on the rifle. Would really rather the rifle is in a supermatch stock. Love the way that stock feels after shooting a couple of others. Thanks for any help. Adam.
  2. Supermatch Stock

    Hi hotfoot. If for whatever reason Tim decides to pass on the stock i would be very interested. I've been looking for a supermatch stock in good nick for a while. Any chance I could also get a couple of pics to number1tech@tiscali.co.uk Thanks mate.
  3. Wanted Ssp 10M Air Rifle.

    Hi guys. Im on the lookout for a nice single stroke pneumatic air rifle. Im guessing some of you chaps must have some older rifles that have been relegated to the cabinet by more modern PCPs, so please let me know what you have. Would ideally love anschutz super air 2002 but would also be interestd in feinwerkbau 601/602/603. Must be in good condition.Cash is sitting here waiting for the right gun. Thanks for looking. Adam. number1tech@tiscali.co.uk