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  1. Database Corruption

    Were safe:
  2. Database Corruption

    The forum is not searchable or indexable by webots (web engine indexing tools) as you have to be a member to browse the forums and these webots are not
  3. Wtd: Ammo Safe

    We got a pistol safe (for ammo). It cost us £60 from Litts in Newport.
  4. Wtd: Ammo Safe

    Hello, Sorry we were told we couldnt sell the safe
  5. Wanted Free Or Cheap To A Good Home

    Look for some BSA Martinis at auction. Not the greatest but not expensive. You could get one in good nick for £10 at auction (well thats what we sold ours for). Cheers Richard
  6. Choate Mini 30 Stock

    Page has gone now.
  7. Choate Mini 30 Stock

    Actually were English, Welsh and Scottish up tite asses.
  8. Merry Christmas

    Bah! Humbug! </scrooge> Merry Crimbo People -- i'm off to get drunk!
  9. Wtd: Ammo Safe

    Ok. I'm off down the range now so i'll go and measure it. I got the OK from the students union to change / sell it. Now i've just got to ask the powers that be (Cardiff RC) as we will be drilling into thier walls even though its on our seperate armoury. Laters. Richard
  10. Wtd: Ammo Safe

    Well that depends. We could get a new bigger one and sell the old one (my personal pref) or we could get another small one to compliment the old one (means more keys - more hassle). So i think we are going to get a larger one If you want it i'll try to get some specs / sizes for you it held 2,500 .22 rounds and 1000 0.303 over the weekend as was very full. As we can hold 1500 of 7.62 / 0.303 and 15,000 .22 i though it might be better to get a larger safe and start buying in bulk to get those discounts! Cheers Richard
  11. Wtd: Ammo Safe

    Looking for an ammo safe. Posiablly big enough to hold 15,000 .22 rounds. OUr current one is not big enough to allow us to buy in bulk to get discounts.
  12. Ebay Auction Items

    Hmm I though firearms were not allowed on ebay... well there not selling the whole thing but they are selling barrels and i thought the barrels were the main component of the firearm hence the serial number being stamped on them. Then again i could be wrong.
  13. Site Downtime

    How is getting a "page not found" fun? maybe you should visit the nsra site more often if thats the case.
  14. Site Downtime

    No... The glade plug in was running low.
  15. I dont know the technical name for them but a guy down cardiff range has some blocks which would the sights in front of the left eye (both fore and rear) so in effect he sights have just moved over 2inches. Cheers Richard