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  1. Custom Butt Plate Part Ex James Huckles Sold

    Its a "Jung" butt plate which Walther get a local engineer to make, they also made one for my wife, the top mount and wing is missing on that one pictured, if any wants it I can furnish pictures and dimensions of the bits that are missing, or I have a phone number for "Ingeniurburo Jung" And yes they are ideal for shorties!
  2. Standard Walther Foresight Tunnel

    Does anyone have a standard Walther (walther made) foresight tunnel, the type that will take metal elements? I am not interested in any other make with Walther fitting such as the Centra that will only take plastic elements. Thanks Robin
  3. Standard Walther Foresight Tunnel

    Yes, Don't want a Centra, I want the current standard Walther type which will accept the current Anschutz metal elements, they still make them new, just trying to save myself the hassle of ordering one through GB. Don't like plastic or glass elements, prefer the simplicity of metal elements, the only proprietry ones currently available that do that are only available for Anschutz dovetails. When we order a new rifle we always specify the old pattern foresight tunnels, this one was ordered with out sights as I had spare sights and thought I had a spare foresight tunnel and I don't!
  4. Standard Walther Foresight Tunnel

    Thanks Tim we need an 18mm one, if it takes a standard modern Anschutz element then its the same as a current one and the one we want, the really early ones (and the GX1 may be that early) is smaller and a special size.
  5. Tec-Hro Canting Rear Sight

    Hi Aaron yes please, I've PM'ed you Robin
  6. Centra Duplex

    Chris I have several of them, I had gone over entirely to using them on all our rifles and all our sights, both my wife and I. I really like them, BUT, they are very (I mean VERY) sensitive to light to set up correctly, its not just a matter of putting it on and adjusting to centre, the issue is about getting the correct size element, I also have a variable one which I used last. The principle is about judging the gap around the outside of the element and in a range with constant light such as an indoor range (or a good continental ISSF range) they are great, in any range with varying light (any UK out door range) they can need a change of element, and iris opening, or in some cases the light change is such that you can not get a gap at all and end up taking the Duplex off. Shooting to NSRA rules open shoots, you can't touch the rifle until the start of the detail so have no time to set the Duplex up to the light, if its right the light changes and you are stuffed, I even found that the variable element did not have enough varaiance to cope with some changes. Its not just range light, its inside light, outside light, and the contrast between them produces different issues, some you can adjust with rear iris size, some not. My conclusion was, great, as long as you always shoot on the same range in the same light conditions, or you shoot to ISSF timings and have time to set up at each shoot and then the light stays the same! Fabulous when shooting in constant light conditions, a nightmare when not! My wife first stopped using hers due to having problems in some open shoots with light changes and found it a complication she did not want, I persevered for a year but now I have followed suit and stopped using them, I really like them, and if we only shot on nice constant light ranges I'd still use them. I have a couple I'd sell, (both new unused) but you need to know the element size that suits you and that is dependent on several factors, your vision, iris opening, eye relief, light, etc, its difficult to advise as what suits me does not suit you. PS. You will need a sight with a MEC lenshood to fit one. Robin
  7. Shooting Glasses

    We were coaching a school team with shooters who required glasses so I was looking for a cheap source of frames. I found the emails, from when I ordered from Bob last year, I got two pairs including postage which was $130 (that's under £100 for two pairs posted from the States!) They do look very simple but they sit near enough perfectly, its quite a clever layout, I use a "reading" lens in the left eye so I can see sights, screens, etc, and have a strip of masking tape on it as a blinder. I took to the Junkers (also used by Malcolm Cooper) instantly after trying all the big makes, and these Jones ones are as good at a fifth of the price, they look flimsy but they are not, as well as .22 I shoot 7.62 NRA and 6 mmBR at 300 mts and I have a tendency to climb onto the sights and these not only take it but protect as well! If you email Bob, he can do Paypal, I highly recommend these glasses and Bob is a very helpfull guy, as I did not do PayPal I sent him cash, he sent the frames before my payment would have reached him, which got here inside a week. I got mine "glassed up by Stephen Hing at Shefford.
  8. Shooting Glasses

    James, I like and have used Junkers for years, having tried all the usual makes I find them more practical, less obtrusive and more comfortable. My old pair were getting tired but still serviceable so I looked for some more and was shocked by the new price! I was directed to the website of Bob Jones in the states who makes Junkers lookalikes for silly cheap money $50 or less and ordered a couple of frames. I now use them as a preference with my Junkers as a spare, I use them for both small bore and 300 mt and can not recommend them enough. Look up www.bjonessights.com Bob is very user friendly as well. Good shooting
  9. Color Coding Gehmann Rearsight?!

    morning Al Yes it came out very well, it was a test to see if I could spray a Compact 590 Gehmann as my wife who you will probably have met in the Eastern region is having a new rifle soon (in subtle purple!) and would like the sights the same! I stripped it to the casting, masked the threads and holes and did a coat of primer and a coat of silver on the one I did. I'f (when!)I do any more I won't bother with the primer, the matt black is Ok to spray over, and the primer made the paint thickness a bit too thick where the clamps fitted. I used ordinary rattle cans. It looks good (original) in silver, but I think purple will be a bit bling, but that's what the lady want's and when they are happy they shoot well! I'm really going to go OTT bling on this one, I'll get the sides of the casting onto the buffer and polish to a high shine and just spray the rest of the frame metalic purple! It will wind everyone else up, but she'll love it! On the serious side these are a cracking sight, compact, precise, and when stripped the build quality is superb, and they are cheap, we both do air, .22, nra fullbore, and 300 mt, we have a lot of sights including some silly expensive ones and I rank these as the best. Have fun and good shooting, Robin
  10. Aj Parker M80 Sight

    Best bet, visit with the rifle and sight to Fultons, they have drawers of old stuff and will probably find some thing to fit or have another sight that will fit. PS Hi Alan, hope you are well. Robin
  11. Keppler 6Mm Br Action

    Go on some one buy it!!!! Its good value even as a project, and 300 metres is great fun, shoot fullbore from the dry, with good working electronic targets, like small bore with attitude! Come and join us! And no, I have no connection with the seller!
  12. Sights - Job Lot - Bargain !

    Not interested in the lot, if you wish to sell individually could be interested in the 590 if the price is right.
  13. Fwb 300 Running Boar

    Airgunbbs in the collectors section is probably best, it is a collectors piece and rare, stick to your price
  14. Usb Scatt & Walther Lg300 For Sale

    are there any contact details for the shop @ Aldersley? Robin
  15. Working with a school club shooting Air rifle we are always looking for small size jackets and Boots. Must be cheap or idealy donated as like all such clubs we are very short of funds. replies to robin.carter80@ntlworld.com
  16. Trolley For Bisley Or Wherever Its To Be Held

    We use B&Q folding sack barrows for Fullbore.
  17. Broken Anschutz Stock

    I'm posting this on behalf of a non computor club mate. He wants to do some experimental work on an Alloy Anschutz stock and is looking for a spare stock only, the pre precise is the one he wants, we think its model 2313, the one that breaks if dropped! As he intends to cut and mod it a broken one would be ideal, and cheaper. Any one got a broken one laying about, or one they've replaced? Thanks for the PM Tim its the 2313 he wants.
  18. Anschutz Square To Round Action Converter Wanted.

    Laurie PM sent Robin
  19. Anschutz Square To Round Action Converter Wanted.

    I'm pretty sure the late Bill Welch had one in his stock, if you contact his son Alex who was looking after the disposal of his stock he might be able to help.
  20. Walther Sight

    I need a Walther Match sight as fitted to the basic LG300 air rifles, I can swop a mint Walther Competition sight (the type with the elevation scale) as fitted to the KK300 or buy.
  21. Walther Sight

    Thanks Yes I had thought of that, but I was hoping to pick up a s/h one cheaper than paying 199Eu for a new one, and a mostly in the ope that some one who had a Match one would swop it for the Comp one. The Comp one is mint but they are taller than the match and is not suited to our standing Zero checking technique. Robin
  22. Wanted - Junior Target Rifle For Club...

    Hi Sandy my wife is short and has always had the same problems of juniors, she uses a light barreled Walther KK300 in a shortened Alutec stock, still probably too heavy for your needs and expensive, and I'm also involved with coaching juniors in air rifle where I build a junior rifle from a senior. The cheap answer is revert to the saw! There are masses of cheap Annies out there, 54's etc, shortening the stocks is simple, and you can also remove weight from stocks, but if you also wish to remove muzzle weight which is preferable, then shorten the barrel, any good gunsmith can do it. I can assure you the amount that you can take off a barrel and they still shoot well (some times better!) is scary. If you really want the sight base an alloy tube will take them back longer.
  23. Wanted - Small Shooting Boots

    We need small rifle shooting boots for a school club, sizes 5 to 7, as cheap as possible. Please E mail robin.carter80@ntlworld.com
  24. Wanted - Small Shooting Boots

    Neale Thanks, just what I was looking for, I think that closes this thread now as I have all the sizes I want.
  25. Wanted - Small Shooting Boots

    Thank you very much to all those who contacted, I've got a couple now but I'm still looking for 6.5 and 7's, thanks very much to those who contacted with surplus very good boots at good fair prices but sadly over our budget, for this group of 13 year olds our funds are very limited so at this stage I'm looking for old but loved boots under £30. We have started a club of kids from scratch and its scary what we have spent! Go on, you must have a pair of the old two tone brown suede Gehmann's in 7 that you've had tucked away for years that could go to a good home!