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  1. Leftie Smallbore wanted

    I looking for leftie Small bore for a club member, any one have any thing,?
  2. Thanks, Sorry I should have cancelled this, managed to get the complete item from Walther, so all sorted now. Thanks Robin
  3. 7.62 Sportco for sale

    This is now taking up wanted space in my cabinets!! I'm having to top and tail to fit them in, its an excellent 7.62 TR rifle, make me a sensible offer? or even a Silly one!!! Have Fun and a merry Xmas Robin
  4. 7.62 Swing

    Now withdrawn, due to being messed about by a supplier on my new one, doing what I should have done in the first place after spending a fortune on it. I'm having it in a new stock with new sights, so now its only:- A Walther UIT Walnut stock, bedded for a Mk 3 Swing, complete with Walther rail and sling swivel, Gehmann but plate and adjustable cheek piece. £100 ONO plus postage. Still have the Sportco cluttering up my cabinet, advertised at the same time if any one is interested in making a silly offer? Have Fun Robin
  5. As the title says, I'm looking for a 90's style Walther KK 200 butt plate, I know Walther still make them as a special order, but its a bit long winded to get, so any one have one? And a long shot, I'm after a KK300 RH small grip. Thanks Robin
  6. 7.62 Sportco for sale

    4.2 KGs but that's on my bathroom scales! I can't put Pics on as they are too big, email me on robin.carter80@ntlworld if they would like pictures
  7. 7.62 Sportco for sale

    Now selling my wife's TR rifle, its a Sportco, M44 single shot target action, with a Border (Kolbe) Stainless barrel 1 - 13 twist, 24 ins, with a taper from the action to 21.5 mm dia then 21.5 parallel to the muzzle. Barrel has a logged 200 rds from new. Standard crisp single stage Sportco trigger. Stock is a modified standard Sportco (with top cover removed) with Anschutz accessory rail, alloy butt plate and adjustable for length by spacers, in a nice dark Walnut. Rear sight is Parker Hale with 5 hole eye piece, front sight is 18 mm Anschutz. A nice, great shooting TR rifle that would suit the more compact shooter. £950 ono. For those who know us and keep emailing with " are you both packing up?" No, I have a new one on order, and the boss is concentrating on 300 mt.
  8. 7.62 Swing

    Thanks Phil I'm afraid I think these long barrel lengths is old fashioned bull****, the twist is the important thing to match the ammo weight and speed, the burn is long over by the length many run, I work on balance and sight base, the 13 twist on a 26 is near enough perfect, it shoots possibles at 600 when I point it at the middle. The stock is a standard Walther UIT prone stock from the 80's, deep pistol grip, parallel rounded fore end, a bit wide for me, I nearly ground the fore end slimmer as I have small hands, but never got around to it, now just as well! Chris bought a stock of Borders before they collapsed and ours were the last of his stock, so we had the last of the Kolbe Borders, fitted the beginning of last year. The bolt retaining is a leaf spring. It went to Robert as my wife could not open the bolt, usual Swing wrestling job, its now a rare Swing, smooth (for a Swing) bolt opening. I took some pics today, email me and I'll crash your computer for you with an overload. We are shooting both days 28th/29th so no time, but you are welcome to visit, you may be glad to if its raining! I'll make space and take it down. I think we have a match Sat afternoon but its only last an hour. Old farts, we now only do prone. Be a busy week end this weekend as well, I have a new 6 mmBR barrel to run in, and that's only 22 ins!
  9. 7.62 Swing

    Phil The stock is indeed the Walther KK 1980's vintage prone Walnut stock, right handed, not vented, TR is only a 10 or 15 shot match series, the cheek piece is adjustable by placing spacers underneath. I have not a clue what you mean by the bolt type, its a standard 4 lug Swing bolt re worked by Robert Nibbs to match the Davies trigger, and most importantly to be opened easily by a normal human being by hand (and with out steroids), and not need a mallet or pipe extension like many Swings do! The front sight is an 18 mm Anschutz tunnel, with an adjustable iris, the rear is a Wilkes with a five hole eye piece. The barrel is a stainless Border (an original company one) 1 - 13 twist, 26.5 ins long, tapering from action dia to 20 mm at muzzle. It was fitted by Chris Behn and proofed by the London Proof house. It was run in meticulously and exceedingly boringly, and has had all shots logged from new at 185. It shoots very well with GGG ammo. Why sell if its that good? My favourite event is ISSF 300 mt, I have decided to have a new TR 7.62 rifle built by my 300 mt rifle supplier Keppeler as close to my 300mt as possible just with a 1500 gm trigger and in 7.62 so I can get some uniformity going from one to the other. If you are genuinely interested I will be at Bisley 28th/29th shooting 300 mt, you can shoot it on the 28th if you arrange a target and have an SCC and are an NRA member. We will be at the 300 mt shed this weekend if you wish to chat, but will not have this rifle with me. If you would like pictures email me on robin.carter80@ntlworld.com , I tried putting them on here and they are too big and I have no idea how to reduce them! Have Fun Robin
  10. 7.62 Swing

    For Sale, my Mk3 Swing (Swenson and Ingram) 7.62 X 51 Target rifle. Mk3 Swing action, worked by Robert Nibbs, (so the 4 lug action is smooth to open and close, I know, rare for a Swing!!), fitted with a Davies trigger, and a Palma twist Border barrel with a logged 185 shots through it, all fitted in a Walther prone stock, adjustable cheek piece (by spacers) and a Gehmann butt plate, and Wilkes sights. A thoroughly sorted NRA target Rifle, asking £1500 ono.
  11. Wanted Leftie Small Bore

    Thanks all, now sorted.
  12. Wanted Leftie Small Bore

    Thanks, we're aware of the 1813, he's not interested.
  13. Wanted Leftie Small Bore

    Thanks Neale I think I've emptied it now! But please email it to me on robin.carter80@ntlworld.com and then I can copy it on to the interested guy. Thanks Robin
  14. Wanted Leftie Small Bore

    I'm helping a friend whose looking for a left handed smallbore target rifle, any one have any thing? Best regards Robin
  15. Anschutz 8002 Air Rifle

    Like Martin I have also seen Anni alloy stocks break when dropped, it does need a very good alloy experienced welder, but a really good alloy welder will repair it.