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  1. Fwb 2700 Universal

    I take it you have decided not to go ahead with our deal then Brian! Sent you an email Sam telling you that before posting on here. Brian
  2. Fwb 2700 Universal

    The FWB is still for sale and available for viewing at Fultons of Bisley.
  3. Fwb 2700 Universal

    Very possible need to be quick though, I'm going down to Bisley tomorrow and was planning on leaving it at Fultons. If you live in that area I'm down for the weekend. Brian
  4. Fwb 2700 Universal

    I have for sale a FWB 2700 Universal. Purchased a little over a year ago it has had very little use, in the area of 3000 to 4000 rounds. The rifle has a match select barrel, not normally something offered by FWB, but after some arm twisting with the factory I was able to get them to sell me a barrel/action that shot above average on their test range. The rifle has been used solely for benchrest and in 2009 came 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the UKBR22 HV 25m class (loaned it to two clubmates) and finished 2nd in the 50m HV. The rifle has seen very little use since. The rifle comes with butt plate, handstop, front and rear sights, all in unused condition. Included manual. (scope & rings not included) Price £1275 face to face or + shipping via RFD Please contact me via email if interested - argoncorp@btinternet.com Typical 10 shot group at 25m