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  1. Feinwerkbau 2700

    Yes please Cheers Andy
  2. Feinwerkbau 2700

    PM sent
  3. Various Items For Sale

    pm sent
  4. Anschutz Trigger/spring C.1963

    I bought that trigger unit. Am in the process of moving house at the moment so my rifle is being stored at the club. Hopefully will have it back home next Tuesday & can swap the trigger units over, once done, I will be in possession of a spare spring that you are more than welcome to. Cheers Andy
  5. For Sale: 20-60 X 80 Spotting Scope

    PM sent
  6. First Rifle - Found! Thanks To All

    Thank you for your replies. Allancet - if only a couple of days earlier, unfortunately, but quite happily for me I acquired a suitable rifle on Saturday. Regards, Andy
  7. I am looking (not getting a great deal of work done at present) for my first prone smallbore rifle. I am after \ would consider anything as long as it has an adjustable butt & comb\cheek-piece. For the right rifle I am looking to spend up to £800, although will have a much more peaceful home life (and keep all my body parts) if it were less. Many thanks Andy