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    Most shooting, 10M pellet at home trap for many years, Bullseye .22 only right now, 9mm pistols practice (I have a CCW), just started trap this year, Computers-I build a few each year, and am a pilot. Then there was golf until my back told me to stop.
  1. Wanted: Steyr Lp5

    Hi guys, I've recently gotten into Bullseye shooting and am looking for a nice Steyr LP5 for practice at a 10M trap in my home. I've been CO2 bulk loading a Tau 7 Silhouette for many years and would like to keep that set up with the Steyr. CO2 works great for me in my small town in Indiana, USA...where, I believe I am the only 10M pellet shooter. There may be more converting in the future as ammo is getting harder to find and so much more expensive. Thanks for any help you can provide in locating one of these air pistols. Sounds like you have a great group of shooters on the forum. I have recently learned of an NRA sponsored event about 60 miles away that I will attend once I find the Steyr LP5. Looking forward to hearing from any of you .