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  1. For Sale - Various Items

    Hi Sian If you still have the kneeling pad I'll take it please. I will collect and pay at the ESSU if your there. Sean
  2. Does Anybody Have An Akah Sling?

    Hi Does anybody have an old Akah sling lying around (broken or otherwise) that I can scavenge/buy for parts? I accidentally trod on mine whilst putting my kit away the other night and broke the prongs on the buckle that secures the sling around my arm. The Akah sling was popular before the mec sling came along so I'm hoping someone has one in the back of a cupboard I can use for bits. Any help, as always most appreciated Cheers https://www.dropbox.com/s/gteddtfnextgbvx/Photo%2007-10-2016%2C%2019%2052%2045.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/1tiolf3dmip0mr8/Photo%2007-10-2016%2C%2019%2054%2023.jpg?dl=0
  3. Gemini Butt Plate & Foresights

    Dave if you will take £35 for the m22 tunnel I will take it off your hands on Sunday ?
  4. Scatt Wanted

    I'll let her know.
  5. Scatt Wanted

    See here.. I know the lady selling it as she is a fellow club member. Iv used it several times without problems, and is in excellent condition. http://forum.stirton.com/index.php/topic/6941-scatt-usb-with-25-yard-shoot-through-frame/?do=findComment&comment=56370
  6. Bits N Bobs For Sale

    Hi Dave Ill take one of the butt plates please. I will be at the bfrc I'll come find you. Cheers Sean
  7. Left Handed Mec Stock For Anschutz

    Hi Chris, That's not the problem, both Maik and Stephanie speak good English. The problem is with production but I believe this is being or has been sorted and my stock should be ready for when I go over to Dortmund in March.
  8. Left Handed Mec Stock For Anschutz

    Getting it from Australia, would be quicker than getting it from mec at the minute if your left handed I ordered mine at the end of August last year. Still waiting for it, tho I'm told it maybe ready in March!!!
  9. For Sale: Mec Free And Duplex

    If you do decide to split Can i have the duplex and inserts please. Cheers Sean
  10. Pistol Trigger Weight

    What would you consider a reasonable price?
  11. 300M Rifle Lh

    Yes but I'm not telling cos i want it!!😅😅😆😆😆😆
  12. Custom Sprayed 1907 .22 Rifle Stock

    You can get an idea of its value from egun.de .. the fact that its painted makes no difference if anything it devalues it.
  13. Shooting Jacket

    Ring Pippa at ten point nine tailoring. I know she just had a couple of people cancel orders on her half way through. She still has a jacket that might suit you.
  14. Gemini Butt Plate

    Ive not seen a TecHro in the flesh. The thing about the 'Armadillo' (4760) is that G&E made an almost identical copy of it, and Anschutz have re-introduced an updated version, so there must be strong demand for them. I like the 4765 too, but my favourite has to be the MEC Free position. Easy to use and looks great. Trouble is, again, not many come up second hand. try before before you buy is my advice. Jonty I've got 2 of the Tec Hro Fusion butt plates and there's nothing wrong with the build quality!! I've got a 3rd one on the way too.. Iv got techro and mec plates both used regularly there's nothing wrong with build quality. The Tec plate is a bit fiddly to setup but great when done right. Gemini plates are only really used by us brits. The predominant plate in use in europe is the mec nearly everyone uses it in one form or another.
  15. Cause the hook is more adjustable. And it's shiny! And less prone to snapping at the hinge!!!...