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  1. Absolutely, my email is guidolastra@yahoo.com Take care and happy new year!
  2. I am selling an Anschutz 2013/690 rifle on PRECISE ALU stock, right handed (M grip). Can deliver with Lilja Barrel (less than 9 months old, tested at eley facility, Germany) + Starik tune/tuner (short version approx. 19 cm), or original 690 anschutz barrel (also has been tested at eley facility, Texas USA). Rifle does not include sights or hooks, but I do have a set of three original Anschutz hooks with carrier (ready to go) if interested (3P shooter) Price range asked approximately USD: 2800-3000, depending on what is needed. Price is negotiable within a reasonable range of course. Rifle is located in the USA; If interested please send PM and will get you pictures, etc....
  3. New Forum Lay Out

    I like it !
  4. Electronic Scoring System - Used

    That is right. I am interested in a 10m air rifle system.
  5. I am interested in acquiring an electronic scoring system, in good condition of course. I would favor Megalink and polytronic, but I am open to suggestions.