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  1. Dicounted Fuel!!

    I've signed up but a chap i know wrote this; "5p a litre saving. 20 litres of fuel you save £1. So you save £1 for every long journey you do. Not exactly amazing savings. Could save £1 in fuel on a long journey by removing the back seats and spare wheel. Even if you did a long journey every week, thats a basic saving of £1 a week. £52 a year. In the grand scheme of things its not alot. £50 wont buy you a weeks shopping. For it to be of interest it would have to be saving me hundreds of pounds. Its like loyalty cards. Spends £100 and get £1 from the supermarket. Big deal. 1% discount is shit, and i would waste my time carrying a card around for a 1% discount." - he has a point.