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  1. Sold Grunig + Elmiger Xrs Stock

    Hi there Did you actually sell your XRS stock in the end? I'd be interested if you still have it! Cheers Mary
  2. Usb Scatt Trainer Inc. 25/50M Electronic Target -- Sold

    Hi Jim Have sent you a PM Mary X
  3. Bits Uncovered

    Hi Slug Does the cantable foresight have the 'mounting shoe' bit? Does it fil the new-style or old-style dovetail? Thanks Mary
  4. Bleiker In Feinwerkbau Alu 2700 Stock For Sale

    You're selling your python?
  5. New (Yes, New) Anschutz Screws For Old Anschutz Match 54

    If you have the originals you should be able to 'match' them from a good tool shop. If you are coming to Bisley, try AHC Camberley - on the A30, on the left going south. The guys there are really helpful - I take the old/worn screw or bolt in and they will match it (generally a LOT cheaper than 'gunsmith' prices)
  6. 3P Stand

    We have one - in luscious purple! I will PM you an e-mail address
  7. Gemini Butt Hook, Gehmann Iris, Centra Blocks :- For Sale

    Have sent you a pm!
  8. Laser Lite Earplugs (Packs Of 20)

    I imagine you are NOT selling your used ones though Chris ;-)
  9. Anschutz Riser Blocks (Sold To Uk 300)

    Hey What size are they? Mary
  10. Champion 'olympic' Frames

    Hi Rob e-mail sent!
  11. Rifle Accesaries........

    Hi I would like the 'bobble' Anschutz trigger shoe, and Uni Tool please! Let me know how you would like the money! Thanks Mary PS Also interested in the 4mm block - what action does it fit?
  12. Anschutz 2002 Air Rifle For Sale

    NOW SOLD subject to payment
  13. Anschutz 2002 Air Rifle For Sale

    Ken - I've sent you a PM
  14. Anschutz 2002 Air Rifle For Sale

    Red Anschutz Air Rifle for sale - 2 lady owners! This 2002 air rifle is in good condition (see pics) although rather heavily decorated with Equipment Control stickers! It shot a 590 at the NISC Open at the end of January this year. It belongs to my daughter, who needs to sell it to finance a new rifle ...... Complete with: 2 cylinders cylinder-filling air-bottle attachment cylinder-emptying attachment (for flying!) barrel weights self-adhesive lead weights - some attached to the cheekpiece, more unused some Anschutz spares Original Anschutz booklet The rifle has been serviced by Matthias Raiber - the Anschutz Genius - annually, although NOT in 2009 .... so it could probably do with a service .... £600 - payment by PayPal, or cash on collection (I have 2 more pics which are apparently "too big" to attach - e-mail me and I will send them to you)