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  1. Anschuts Palm Rest For Sale

    I have an unused palm rest for sale for anyone doing standing buyer to pay postage or can collect at Bisley during the small bore week. £30 ono
  2. Wanted: Foresight Block

    Hello I've been trying to get hold of a switchable foresight block that allows quick change from 50m to 100y by moving the foresight onto a higher level. I've tried several places but no luck and i'm wondering if any of you have one kicking around in an old spares box. Let me know if you have one that i can buy.
  3. Few Unwanted Bits Of Kit

    Has the butt hook been sold yet? I see the date is 2004 thats all.
  4. Headspace gauge

    Mac Vic Climo at the NSRA has a set. He tested the head space on my 1813 and it was about .42 i think, where it should be (i was told) .36. Need a new bolt handle me thinks. I'm also booked into Eley but on 20th March for a days batch testing. When's your day??? Simon
  5. Scope and Anschutz Sights Wanted in Ayrshire

    Sarah I have a new cantable anschutz foresight for sale at £45 with metal elements. let me know if you would like to purchase it. Simon simon.jacklin@thameswater.co.uk
  6. Palm rest and cantable foresight as new.

    Anschutz palm rest unused £75 contact me at simon.jacklin@thameswater.co.uk