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  1. Anschutz Sights For Sale - Reduced Price

    Hi Della Make me a serious and reasonable offer and I am sure I can put the sights your way (subject to the agreement by my friend). I would prefer to sell them with the foresight plus elements as well, hence the price (foresight retails at £50 odd). They are about 18 months old and despite the point someone made about not having a years' guarantee, they are fine. They have hardly been used. Please feel free to continue this via e mail, ipayne505@aol.com I apologise about the delay. There seems to be a problem in me getting a notification of a new 'post' Regards. Ian
  2. Anschutz 6809 rear sight and Anschutz 6832 foresight tunnel plus a box of elements for sale. These have only been used for a few months for indoors shooting by a friend's son who has now found a different life at University. They are in immaculate condition. The only thing that is missing is the box. £170 ono but please negotiate with sensible offers. CHEQUES ONLY
  3. Lawrence Sorry I seem to have missed this. Anyway I intend selling the cantable foresight with the elements and not separately. The whole lot is still for sale if you are interested IanP
  4. Just to clarify the situation to all readers of this 'post', the Rear Sights are now back For Sale. The Gehmann Iris has now been sold. The first two sales failed because both buyers wished me to e mail my Bank Account details to them. I will only accept a Personal Cheque. I am willing to sell for £250 ono (to include the foresight and elements). I will send 'Next Day Delivery' once the cheque has cleared. Ian P
  5. Dear All While I appreciate that the purpose of this part of the web site is for selling items, I the seller, believe I have the right of reply to the post by 'Yay'. Basically and to cut a very long story short, the person concerned wanted my bank account details e mailed to him!! My condition of sale from the start has been that payment is by cheque.For some reason he seemed to have a problem with meeting this condition. The transaction for the iris went through in about 5 minutes as the buyer was more than happy to send me a cheque as this. As far as I am concerned this is the normal route for private transactions over the internet. In no way am I prepared to e mail my bank account details to anyone and nor should anyone else. So the sale has not gone through. What 'Yay also doesn't understand is that I the seller sets the conditions for the sale and while I am more than prepared to negotiate over the price and how I get the item to them, I reserve every other right (but clearly not in his mind). So, the sights are now back for sale. Ian P
  6. A provisional offer has now been made on the sights but not the adjustable iris. Ian P
  7. I have a 'spare' set of Anschutz 7002/20 rearsights and Gehmann 565 adjustable iris/polariser/colour filter set for sale. They have been used no more than 30 times indoors and are in immaculate condition. The only reason for the sale is that I have given up indoor shooting. I will 'throw in' the cantable foresight and elements (£50 - £60). I am willing to sell the sights/iris as a complete unit or separately. The adjustable iris has the new configuration of threads which will allow additional optical attachments to be added. Rearsight (to include the foresight/elements) £250 Adjustable iris £90 Ian P
  8. Rear Iris / Rear Sight

    The Gehmann Polariser/Adjustable Iris plus set of 7002/20 sights have now been sold. Ian P
  9. Anschutz Sights

    Sarah No problems and thanks. Best wishes. Ian P
  10. Anschutz Sights

    Hi Sarah Are you still looking for some Anschutz sights? I have a set of 7002/20 for sale (surplus to requirements). They retail for about £300 so I am looking for a reasonable price for them, as they are only 4 years old and are in excellent condition. I also have a Gehmann polariser/iris set, the new 565 model for sale which retails for about £140. Again they are in excellent condition and surplus to requirements. Please e mail me if you are interested. Ian P
  11. Rear Iris / Rear Sight

    I have a Gehmann 565 Iris Filter & Polariser Combined 0.5 - 3.0mm set for sale. I will be looking for a good price, as they are only four years old and have hardly been used and are in as 'good as new' condition. They retail for £146 on the NSRA web site. Ian P
  12. Rear Iris / Rear Sight

  13. ************Now sold******************** Ian P
  14. Gehmann 1.5x Diopter (-4.5 to +4.5 diopter) for sale. It is 2 years old and hardly used. Reason for sale is that I have gone to an Eagle Eye instead. £40 plus p&p (the real amount rather than unrealsitic premiums added by most companies!). Ian P West Sussex ******************************************************************************** **************************** The new price I will reduce by a few pounds. Please negotiate!!! They are £70 new on the Internet, so it's a bargain ******************************************************************************** ****************************