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  1. Headspace gauge

    I have the drawings for headspace gauges as a jpg file, ~3Meg. Email me off-line if you want a copy.
  2. Headspace gauge

    I don't have a scanner One of my friends does, however, and she will scan the drawing for me next week.
  3. Headspace gauge

    I received permission from SAAMI to copy their drawings of headspace gauges. If anyone wants a copy snail-mailed, send me your mailing address.
  4. Headspace gauge

    I, too, believe .036 is too small and am curious how it was measured. The SAAMI minimum is 0.043" and Bert's set at the Eley Customer Range only goes down to 0.040".
  5. Dimensions for Headspace Gauges

    For the motivated machinist, page 63 of American National Standard Z299.1-1992 has drawings for fabricating headspace gauges to Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI) dimensions.
  6. Dimensions for Headspace Gauges

    Unfortunately, no online version. You can go to the National Shooting Sports Foundation site, http://www.nssf.org/ , (not the easiest to navigate, by the way) and there is an email address you can use to order the publication. IIRC, I paid ~$20US for the book.
  7. Headspace gauge

    Actually, from Rhode Island it's about nine hours each way :wink: But while your there you can batch test TENEX as well as watch Bert Brookes, the Chief Range Officer, check your gun for headspace and firing pin indentation.
  8. Headspace gauge

    Take a trip to the Eley Customer Range in Birmingham. They have a complete set in .0005 increments from .040 to .046 inches.
  9. Headspace gauge

    try http://www.brownells.com/aspx/NS/Home/default.aspx