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  1. For sale is a very nice condition Morini CM162E Electronic Trigger Single shot .177 Target Air Pistol. This pistol is in in very good condition (only slight chips in the paint on cylinder end cap), and works perfectly. It is a very accurate pistol and shoots much better than I ever could! Included is the original box, filling adapter, new pot of pellets, cleaning pellets, spare battery, rod, and instructions (print out). This pistol is slightly on the old side, hence the price, but still shoots perfectly! It's a lot of pistol for the money - SORRY - SOLD!
  2. Wanted - Anschutz Foresight Elements

    3.0-3.8 just seemed like a good selection. Maybe going up to 4.0 would be good though. Anyone got any spare? Jim
  3. Afternoon, I'm looking at getting a variety of foresight elements so we have a bit of a selection for our club guns (Brunel University Target Shooting Club). They are all Anschutz Rifles with 18mm foresight tunnels. Ideally we are looking for metal elements, with the horizontal cross bar, in sizes from about 3.0 - 3.8 (hopefully a couple of each). What have you got? Hopefully we can get some a bit cheaper than £3 each from the NSRA.
  4. Wanted - Action Screws For Anschutz Match 54

    Hi Jim I have sent you a p m Dave Replied to PM
  5. Wanted - Action Screws For Anschutz Match 54

    Hi Dave, The screws i need are as follows; Screw 1 - 21.5mm total shaft length, 11mm thread length Screw 2 - 47mm total shaft length, 13mm thread length i would be very greatfull if you could make me these screws. How much would you charge? Kind Regards Jim Starley
  6. I have just bought a new stock (thumbwhole style) for my Match 54, and the action screws are far too long - currently 70mm and 42mm - they need to be more like 50mm and 27mm. They seem to be an unusual thread (possibley 0.75 Metrisch 60degrees from thread guages??) and i don't have a die to modify the screws, so anyone have any spares lying around, or know where i could get some? Thanks Jim