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  1. I have one ticket for Sunday 5th August but now my 10 year old son *really* wants to come with me. It's a long shot, I know, but does anyone have a ticket that they are not going to use? Time is tight - so please call or text if you have one - 07775 564801. Fingers crossed! U.
  2. Morini Cm84E Long-Arm Pistol

  3. Morini Cm84E Long-Arm Pistol

    Hi, Yes. It's still available. Someone is interested but I haven't yet done the deal. Regards, U.
  4. Morini Cm84E Long-Arm Pistol

    In as-new condition with all the bits that came with it: toolkit, nifty cleaning kit, spare trigger springs and manual. Grip (unmodified) is marked as Large but it fits me and I usually take a medium grip. Lovely gun. I had the pleasure of shooting it in the lane adjacent to Mick Gault at the 2010 British Pistol championships and receiving a lesson in just how good these guns are in the right hands (his, not mine!). I'm sad to sell it but I just don't have time for free pistol at the moment. £650 plus RFD costs. Available for collection in SW19 or I'd be happy to take it to Bisley. If you want to try before you buy then we can probably sort something out at my local club (Wandsworth). U.
  5. Prone Jacket Wanted - 40 Inch Chest

    Has anyone got a jacket that they don't want any more? About a 40 inch chest. I shoot mainly pistol but I should like to have a jacket for occasional small bore and full bore prone shooting. U.
  6. Laupa Midas

    Are you anywhere near SW London? I may be interested if so. Piers
  7. Shooting Jackets

    and if Chris doesn't want it then I'll take it. Let me know. U.
  8. Morini Cm84E

    Just in case anyone is looking for one of these, there's one for sale on airgunbbs - http://www.airgunbbs.com/forums/showthread.php?t=403508 I'm not connected with the sale in any way. U.
  9. Selling Up

    Sorry - thought you were Maidenhead - my mistake. I'm still interested but dependent on you being willing to ship via RFD. U.
  10. Selling Up

    I'll take the rifle, sling, case and glasses please. U.