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  1. For Sale Panoramic Rearsight Mk2

    Robert, many thanks for the advice. For the Forum's Information Bedford Target Supplies do make a Left handed version of the sight. Regards Terry
  2. For Sale Panoramic Rearsight Mk2

    Hi, I have decided to sell the TWO Panoramic Rearsight's the Mk2 version that I have. I brought them a couple of years ago when they first came out and apart from trying them a couple of times I have never got around to using them instead of my current sights. From memory the serial No's are 207 and 208. They are complete with all the filters, 'O' rings and boxes I am happy to sell them as a pair or split them, the current Bedford Target Supplies price is £240, I don't want to give them away so please make me a fair offer if your interested in the sights. I thought I would offer them to the Forum before selling them on E-Bay. Regards Terry
  3. For Sale Scatt Training System

    Hi all, sorry for the delay, the Scatt system has now been sold. Regards Terry
  4. For Sale Scatt Training System

    Nobody interested in the Scatt ? Regards Terry
  5. For Sale Scatt Training System

    For Sale SCATT Training System Complete with 10m & 6yd target frames, Please note this is the Serial port version. £450 Please PM me for more information or pictures Regards Terry
  6. Prone Video

    A couple of years ago I brought a video from the NSRA "Three Position Match" smallbore rifle and air rifle, part II: standing and kneeling produced by Heinz Reinkemeier, without luck I have tried to buy the prone video, so does anybody have a copy of part I "Prone Shooting" that is for sale or willing to lend me ??. Regards Terry
  7. 300 Bar Diving Cylinder

    Paul, the cylinder was brand new, I don't remember getting a test certificate with the cylinder, I'll phone the shop on Monday and ask the question !. Regards Terry
  8. 300 Bar Diving Cylinder

    For Sale a 300 bar 7Ltr diving cylinder fitted with a surface valve and small pressure gauge. The cylinder is apprx 6 months old and still of the first charge of air when I brought it from the diving shop !!. I'm looking for £100 for the cylinder. Regards Terry.
  9. Butthooks For Anschutz

    I may possibly have two System Gemini free rifle butt plates for sale, The first one is the latest type in black and the second is the older type and I'm not sure of the colour of the second one. Regards Terry
  10. Walther Lp 300

    Robert, try this link, http://www.btinternet.com/~cliverkay/walther_lp300.htm If you want a picture of the actual pistol please let me know and I'll PM one or two to you. Regards Terry
  11. Walther Lp 300

    In the absence of any interest in the pistol I thought I better decide on a price, so hear goes, £350 ono. Regards Terry
  12. Walther Lp 300

    For sale Walther LP 300 air pistol, the pistol comes complete with two compressed air cylinders and two grips one Medium and one Large, tools, two tins of pellets, pellet storage box, cleaning felts, two charging adaptors (high and low pressure), manual and a aluminium camera case to store the pistol in. Offers ??. I might be interested in PX for smallbore rifle or smallbore equipment with cash adjustment either way. I can E-Mail pictures to anybody that's interested. Regards Terry
  13. Scatt System

    Anybody got a secondhand Scatt System for sale ???. Regards Terry
  14. Scope Stand Extension Rods

    Emma, if you know someone with access to a workshop I'm sure they can be made. I got Katie's from Molly at a junior squad weekend, she might be worth a try. Regards Terry.
  15. For Sale Spotting Scope

    Sold at Bisley for £170. Regards Terry