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  1. Stock Wanted

    Hi folks, I am desperately looking for a MEC GE 600 .22 Stock and was wondering if there is anyone out there who has one they are willing to sell or knows someone who might be. Hopefully someone can help! Jamie
  2. Feinwerkbau 700 Alu Air Rifle

    Feinwerkbau 700 Alu Air Rifle for sale... Blue air rifle, bought brand new last year and has only seen a season of air rifle competition. This version of air rifle comes with the built in sight blocks which extend to the maximum height allowed. Really good, well balanced rifle which has a brilliant action. Check out the Edinkillie website full details on the air rifle. Price new - £2150 I am asking for offers around the £1600 mark. Comes with sights, buttplate, tools and all the books and paper work with test groups etc. Any questions feel free to leave a message or send me a PM. (better pictures on request!)
  3. Feinwerkbau 700 Alu Air Rifle

    I am using an Anschutz 9003 at the minute instead...they are both really good rifles. I prefer the FWB action but the overall feel for my gangly frame is minutely better with the anschutz... Its probably all in my head!!
  4. Feinwerkbau 700 Alu Air Rifle

    return the pistol...and buy my rifle!! perfect!
  5. Feinwerkbau 700 Alu Air Rifle

    wouldnt need much tempting the way I shoot!...Why dont you shelf the walther and get Mikey to buy you this? I'll give you mates rates!! haha
  6. Feinwerkbau 700 Alu Air Rifle

    Dont retire me just yet...Just a different air rifle.
  7. Feinwerkbau 700 Alu Air Rifle

    Been trying something else for a bit and gong to get rid of the tempation of reverting back!!
  8. Final Sell Off

    email sent
  9. Sauer Boots For Sale!

    Julie's starting Air! Julie's Starting Air!! Haha!
  10. Wanted - Buttplate Assembly

    hey You still looking for a buttplate assembly? I finally have pics for you
  11. Rifle Case

    Black GunGuard Double DLX Rifle Gun Case for sale. -Brilliant case, very sturdy and in great condition. Padding is as good as new, with no damage to buckles or hinges. -Durable full length hinge, two clasps plus another two for added strength. -The inside is fully lined with thick interlocking egg box foam that will secure and protect your rifles whilst in transit and when being stored. -Re-enforced sturdy aluminium all round valance hoop for added strength and security. External Size: Length: 51.5" Width: 13" Depth:4" Internal Size: Length: 52" Width: 13.5" Depth: 4.5" £70 ono Send me a PM with offers
  12. Wanted - Buttplate Assembly

    PM sent
  13. Lots Of Club Rifles!

    We have around 25ish rifles for sale as our club is no longer able to run. I will update this post with exact numbers and models etc, but just wanted to see the interest. If there is any interest please leave a wee message or something Cheers
  14. Rifle Case

  15. Rifle Case

    Haha, bugger... Incorrectly labeled. Well spotted
  16. Rifle Case

    NEW PRICE £50 ono
  17. Kustermann Sydney Jacket For Sale

    A Kustermann Sydney jacket (size 52) is for sale, it is brand new and only used for a week...(last week to be exact ) The description below is from the kustermann website, along with the pic : - This leather/canvas shooting jacket, conceived in close cooperation with world class shooters,is not only a jacket for the top class shooter but also perfect for hobby sport. Its novel and extremely durable shoulder and arm panel (white grip) and its length-wise sewn back-piece made of very sturdy double canvas, make it stand out from the rest. Closed inner elbow. I am looking for offers in the region of £300, which for a brand new Kustermann, is beyond reasonable...
  18. Kustermann Sydney Jacket For Sale

  19. Kustermann Sydney Jacket For Sale

    PM Sent
  20. Kustermann Sydney Jacket For Sale

    Offers in the region of £250 now accepted
  21. For Sales Peli 1750 Case Ideal For Two Rifles

    PM sent
  22. Rearsight

    Hi folks, Wondered if anyone had a good left-handed rearsight? I use a right handed rifle for shooting air but I want left handed sights for ease of managing sights... Although this probably will be a silly idea...I do have right handed sights available for sale or swap. Tell all of your friends and let me know! Jamie
  23. Retirement Sale

    Hi Chris... Do you have any sight raisers left for sale? Jamie
  24. Stand Wanted

    Looking for a lightweight stand for 3P and Air Rifle...In the process of building my own but need one to tide me over. Hopefully someone can help. Cheers
  25. Lots Of Club Rifles!

    Yes, that's what I thought - the SU has no idea of resale value so perhaps it would be nice to pass them on to other struggling uni clubs for a token fee Thats just the kind of thinking Iv been employing