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  1. Wanted: Air Rifle

    Yeah, I appreciate that - I was thinking something with a removable palm shelf would be ideal. I would prefer it to be closer to a 3P rifle than a HFT one in that respect, but I thought most rifles with a wedge shape or stock attachments would be suitable. I would be doing 80% of my shooting indoors at 10m.
  2. Wanted: Air Rifle

    If I had to pick 2 of those, it'd be 3P (as I'm coaching again) and HFT (since I found a local club and quite think I'd get into it). Why do you ask?
  3. Wanted: Air Rifle

    Hi all, I'm after an air rifle - 6ft.lbs or 12ft.lbs it doesn't matter, but I'd prefer a 12ft.lbs as I would like to have it as a general purpose gun. I used to have a wood stocked 12ft.lbs Anschutz 2025 with adjustable everything and a 5065 trigger - something like that would be perfect - but I have nothing against an alloy stock. A high shot count is a must as I don't have a bottle to charge it from. Ideally, I'd like it to be able to mount a scope, but to have front dovetails as well. If it's an Air Arms, I already have a million adapters for the front dovetails (15mm I/D). WHYG? Thanks in advance
  4. Anschutz 2002 W/ Accessories

    Provisionally sold, thus concluding shooting for me in the UK. I'll undoubtedly be back... EDIT Paid for and posted. Thanks.
  5. Anschutz 2002 W/ Accessories

    Good starter kit: Right, so I'm selling my Anschutz 2002 Alu stock. It comes with sights; Anschutz rear sight with filters and adjustable iris, cantable foresight with 'hairs and clear inserts. I also plan to sell with it my glove, sling and handstop. It also includes the original palmshelf and flat shelf. As always, a lovingly and professionally maintained and tuned rifle shooting at it's best. * Anschutz 2002 * Original manual w/ test card * Original stock weights * Original 3P palm shelf * Original flat shelf * Anschutz Rear sight * Anschutz iris w/ filters * Anschutz canting foresight * Complete set of clear elements * Glove * ESE sling * Handstop * Hard double case * Pellet sorter/holder Not everything is in the photo. More photos available on request Looking for £675 all in, posted by courier. Thanks, C
  6. Hammerli Ar 50

    Hi all, I used this rifle while coaching someone one time and fell in love with the action. There is a chance our club might have a little extra money this year for equipment so I'll start stretching my feelers out for this rifle. I am looking for the model with the delta shape cocking handle (I think that's all of them really). Alu or wood stock, price paid will depend on model and condition. Ideally I'm looking for the wood stocked model, but it depends on the asking price. Sights are a bonus but not needed. If someone has a top end model I may consider swapping my Anschutz 2025 - it is in fantastic condition, well looked after, and serviced very regularly. It will be supplied with the original test card (one hole, one of the best 20** test cards I've seen) and manual, original barrel weights and original standing/kneeling block as well as the original low block.
  7. Rear Iris / Rear Sight

    Sorted, thanks all.
  8. Rear Iris / Rear Sight

    Hi all, looking for a couple of bits for the club rifles. I'm looking for a very basic rear iris with an adjustable aperture. Gehmann/anschutz thread. Will consider one with filters if the price is right. Also a rear sight, something old will do, just need to be able to take the graduated caps off and replace them at 0. Thanks, Constantine
  9. Anschutz Sights

    Rearsight and iris sold, Thankyou. Foresight still open to offers.
  10. Anschutz Sights

  11. Anschutz 2002 Alu Tuned

    The butthook pictured off the gun is included, along with carrier, the gun is in a ready to go condition minus sights, which are being sold seperately. It comes with original manual and test card, barrel weights, stock weight, palm shelf and BR shelf (w/adjusters), knuckle protector, large AHG trigger shoe. I'll add on anything I've missed tomorrow. Thanks for looking, C
  12. Anschutz 2002 Alu Tuned

    Tough love Jim, I know the feeling. Still for sale... C
  13. Anschutz Sights

    For sale is the Anschutz 7020/ Rearsight, Blinder, Rubber hood, 9565 double polarised adjustable aperture with filters and orange ring and a 6832 foresight with plastic barless apertures. I will supply 20mm front and rear risers, very well made by a nice Czech fellow, these have the bolts replaced periodically to prevent locking and stretching, I will supply some high tensile bolts as replacements. It also comes in a handmade protective box, made by a friend who was recompensed generously for his time and effort. These are cant adjustable and this combo is without a shadow of doubt one of the best you can get. All for a peasley £345. Will split, depending on request. Postage will be around £15 I think special delivery. Bank xfer preferred, will take Paypal or personal cheque. Thanks, Constantine
  14. Anschutz 2002 Alu Tuned

    Same again again, money troubles. Selling my Anschutz 2002, this is VERY well looked after, tuned as much as I can (never intended on selling!!). It likes about 250 shots per charge and eats 4.51 R10s. A lot of time has been spent on this gun. This is the 10m regged one, and puts out a very consistent 5.95ft/lbs. As accurate as you like, comes with some gubbins, sights being sold separately. I'm after £495 for the gun and gubbins, post via RFD preferred at £25, otherwise, your choice of courier. Pickup from Brighton welcome. Bank xfer preferred, Paypal or cheque accepted too. Please note these aren't my photos, but are photos of the gun for sale. Thanks, Constantine -EDIT- MEC butthook pictured is not included
  15. Club Air Rifle Wanted

    I'll be looking into that one myself...