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  1. Monard Standard Jacket For Sale

    Hi, Just to give some further sizing details for the jacket, please see attached pictures with APPROXIMATE measurements (as near as I can get with a tape measure!) in centimeters and inches. By the way, the jacket is for a right handed shooter. Thanks for looking
  2. Monard Standard Jacket For Sale Was made to measure but would suit slim build, 40inch chest, 5'10" - 6' 12.5stone/80 kilo male. Only used for 12 months, so in good condition. Please drop me a line if there are any specific measurments you would like to have off the jacket. £50.00 + postage Thanks for looking
  3. Kustermann Model 5 Shooting Glove For Sale

    Hi Sandy, I'll accept £22 posted. I'll PM you now. Thanks, Perc
  4. Size: Medium Very good condition, not much wear and plenty stiff £20.00 + P&P NOW SOLD THANKS Thanks for looking
  5. To fit a Feinwerkbau rifle One careful owner from new, complete with all the tools needed to make adjustments. £30.00 + P&P SOLD THANKS Thanks for looking.
  6. To fit 22mm foresight tunnel Adjustable iris diameter 3.3-5.8mm Iris ring thickness: 2mm Cross-hairs or horizontal bar adjustable for cant Comes complete in original packaging with adjustment tools and instructions. £55.00 + P&P SOLD THANKS Thanks for looking
  7. Feinwerkbau P700 Alu For Sale

    Sorry py6km, It is now sold. Thank you for your interest. Kind regards Perc
  8. Shooting Clothing For Sale

    Hi, Kustermann Model 5 Fingerless Glove Medium: £20.00 + P&P SOLD THANKS MEC Visor: £5.00 + P&P SOLD THANKS Schiessport Buinger cavas shooting trousers with braces, Euro size 50. Had new zips in these a few years ago, still pretty stiff: £35.00 + P&P SOLD THANKS Monard Standard Jacket - This has been made to measure in 2009 for someone around 182 cm in height with 40in chest, really don't know if it is of interest to anyone. Please drop me a line if you would like further details. £100.00 + P&P Thanks for looking!
  9. Feinwerkbau P700 Alu For Sale

    New price
  10. Thanks Dom, I've received your PM and will put them aside for you.
  11. Hi Good quality boots made by German company Meindl, well kept and only used for air rifle once a week Complete with a pair of shoe spanners £80 + P&P £60+P&P NOW SOLD
  12. Feinwerkbau P700 Alu For Sale

    Hi Steve, Good to hear from you. PM sent!
  13. Feinwerkbau P700 Alu For Sale

    Here you go: