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  1. Jackets

    Hi Chris, I've got a Kurt Thune Club Jacket Size 48 that you may wish to buy and also a Schulz Exactia RV (L) Left handed glove. They've both had about six months of use from new - sadly I had to give up shooting due to a should injury. Looking for offers around £125 plus postage and packaging. Regards, Roy
  2. Prone Stand

    As you may recall from my post before Christmas I went out and bought a Celestron 102mm Wide View spotting scope http://www.celestron.com/c3/product.php?Ca...&ProdID=206 This has proved to be a good choice (clarity and light gathering)except I now need a good solid stand on which to support it for both indoor and outdoor prone shooting. I've tried it on a velbon compact camera stand (http://www.velbon.co.uk/newvelbon/pages/CX460min.html) but the panhead isn't stable enough and ideally it needs to go even lower. I'm assuming that a Freeland would be a good choice but I'd be grateful for any advice that you can provide. My budget would be very low so if anyone has a good second hand stand for sale I'd be happy to consider it.
  3. Is this outfit still for Sale?
  4. S/h Target Rifle Wanted

    Depends what you're looking for - my 1813 supermatch was under 300 quid via guntrader. Rob. I'd be very happy with that rifle for that price. Hopefully another one will come along.
  5. S/h Target Rifle Wanted

    Better Start saving - they're not cheap
  6. S/h Target Rifle Wanted

    I am interested in hearing from forum members who might have or know someone else who has a second-hand, right handed .22RF target rifle for sale (full rifle set up sights, preferably a butt hook etc.), interested in Anshutz, Walther etc. for use at my local club Sunderland Rifle Club. As I have only just started shooting this summer I have no hang-ups about buying a particular model.