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  1. For Sale: Usb Scatt & Case

  2. For Sale: Usb Scatt & Case

    For Sale: USB Scatt & case £650 + p&p PM me (Sarah Henderson) for more info
  3. For Sale: Duguid Rearsight & 3 Variable Foresights

    Hi Bob, My husband was using it on his 1913 - I haven't ever used an Anschutz myself so I'm not an expert. Couldn't say for sure if they would fit a match 64. Cheers Sarah
  4. For Sale: Duguid Rearsight & 3 Variable Foresights

    Sure - no worries! Cheers Andy
  5. For Sale: Duguid Rearsight & 3 Variable Foresights

    Hi Andy, Thanks for your message, but I'm afraid I'm looking for a bit more ... the Centra foresights are £154 new and are in excellent condition. I was hoping for something around £90-£100? Cheers Sarah
  6. For Sale: Duguid Rearsight & 3 Variable Foresights

    Duguid sight sold! Foresights still available :-)
  7. For Sale: Scatt Shooter Training System

    (Apologies 44mag, didn't realise stating a price was required) Its now sold!
  8. For Sale: SCATT shooter training system: its the old serial port version, but includes all adapters & drivers to attach to a USB port. Price: £Make us an offer! For more info, message me (Sarah Henderson)
  9. For sale: * Duguid panoramic rearsight, as new, includes yellow filter: £200 (£240 new) * Variable foresights: 2 x Centra Duo variable foresights M18 2.8-4.8/6.4-9 (as new) 1 x Anschutz variable foresight M18 2.8-4.8/6.4-9 (used, but good condition) No idea how we ended up with 3 of these! Price: make us an offer! Message me (Sarah Henderson) for more details
  10. For Sale: Monard proliner fingerless glove (left hand), as new, size M: £50 Anschutz AHG Stenvaag sling, slightly shortened: £20 Anschutz Stenvaag shooting trousers, ladies, approx size 14 (short): £80 Pictures attached below. Message me (Sarah Henderson) for more details.
  11. Rifle for sale as I'm not doing much fullbore anymore... £1700 ONO CG Millenium. New in 2004, has done 1 Imperial meeting Includes:- Hard Case Adjustable foresight iris Adjustable rear iris Bipod Stock has adjustable cheek piece. Butt height and length are also adjustable. Contact Sarah on sahara_pip@hotmail.com More pictures available on request