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  1. Hi,


    I have for sale the following:


    1. Sauer Shooting Cardigan - Size L - Red and Black. 2 off. These are 85 pound new, I'm looking for 45 pound each.


    2. Centra Duo Vario Foresight - M18 - For Anschutz - Inside diameter 2.8 to 4.8mm - One red - One black.

    These are 160 pound new, I'm looking for 85 pound each.


    3. Centra level 1 - M18 - For Anschutz - One red. One black. These are 53 pound new. I'm looking for 28 pound each.


    4. Centra Tiny Iris. This is 130 pound new. I'm looking for 80 pound.


    5. Centra Vibrake with front raiser block - For Anschutz - This is 175 new. I'm looking for 110 pound.


    6. Centra Duplex Iris - This is 60 pound new. I'm looking for 35 pound.


    PM for photos.

    All prices taken from intershoot.




  2. Hi,


    I Have some items for sale which I no longer have a need for:


    Grunig & Elmiger Equaliser Weight Rod - 80 pound - As new.

    Grunig & Elmiger Butt Hook (long or short) - 40 pound - As new.

    Grunig & Elmiger Butt Hook Spacer (s off long) - 7 pound each - As new.

    Grunig & Elmiger Spyder Contact - Master M - 60 pound - As new. Note: This only the contact section and not the full handstop.

    Anschutz foreend raiser 2213/8550 (natural blue 24mm high 315mm long) - 60 pound -As new.

    All prices include recorded delivery. Photo's available on request.

    Thanks for reading.


  3. Hi,


    I have for sale 2 1 buttplates and a 290mm Bleiker Tube:


    Grunig & Elmiger Xtreme Free Rifle (5mm super grip) - 350 pounds, price new is 485 pounds. Condition is as new.


    Grunig & Elmiger Return (dimpled rubber) - 240 pounds, price new is 380 pounds. Condition is as new.


    Bleiker Challanger Tube (290mm) - 160 pounds, price new is 307 pounds. Some light marks.


    Reason for sale is they are surplus to requirement.


    PM me for photo's.




  4. Hi,


    I'm having a bit of a clearout and some items for sale.


    Anschutz Sight Track - Asking 90 pound. Now sold.

    Anschutz Raiser Block - Asking 50 pound.

    Anschutz intergral Handstop - Asking 60 pound.

    MEC Vibrake - Asking 55 pound.

    Anschutz 2313 stock (fits square action) - Asking 450 pound. Now sold.


    Photo's available on request, all items in very good condition.





  5. Hi,


    Clearing out more kit. I have for sale:

    MEC Strike Tube - to suit a 2013 barrel (25.8mm) including 4mm rear sight riser - 85 pound posted. Sold

    MEC Vibrake including 8mm front riser - 75 pound posted.

    G&E Hammerhead (Black) - 65 pound posted. Sold

    Champion Olympic Archer Frames (right handed) including 25 and 32mm lenses - 115 pound (Reduced) posted Sold


    All post will be registered.

    All items are in excellent condition.

    PM me for photo's.



  6. Hi Folks,


    I have for a sale a Gemini 703 smallbore stock for sale. Its colour is red with no marks what so ever due to very little use. I have however shaved some of the pistol grip to suit my hands. Its approx 1.5 years old and is right handed.

    Machined to accept a Bleiker Challanger action.

    Photo's available on request.

    Any queries or suggestions welcome.



    Now sold.



  7. Hi Lads,


    Yes its a 2313 stock, the yellow and black one, its a selected barrel with approx 3k rounds thru it...I'm not sure I want to sell it but if I was made a decent offer I may consider. If any more info is required feel free to PM me.

    Thanks Demonloop!




  8. I am still looking for any barrel that will fit an Anschutz round action OR I would be interested in an Anschutz 20 series barrel AND action.


    If you have one, or know someone who has please contact me.

    I have space on my FAC and I am willing to travel to collect.


    Many Thanks




    Hi Jonty,


    I have a selected 2013 for sale,approx 3.5k rounds thru it, ideally I'd want to get rid of everything,stock,sights,tube etc...

    Reason for sale is I don't use it anymore