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  1. Feinwerkbau

    I want a Feinwerkbau (FWB) 300,600,601,602,or 603 rifle left or right hand this is for our local league to help newcomers. Any rifle considered even if it requires repair. Cash waiting thanks Steve
  2. Full Kit For Sale

    Can i have a list please Thanks
  3. Feinwerkboau 603 For Sale

    I will take this at £375 if still avaliable Will pm you Thanks steve
  4. Mec Shooting Glasses & Tec-Hro Stativ For Sale

    Hi Can i have the centering device please Please pm me with payment details i can pay with paypal or send a cheque Many thanks SteveShears
  5. Mec Shooting Glasses & Tec-Hro Stativ For Sale

    Hi Can i have the centering device please Please pm me with payment details i can pay with paypal or send a cheque Many thanks SteveShears
  6. Feinwerkbau

    Hi Martin I am sorry but its a bit pricey, we bought one last week for £250 Thanks Steve
  7. Feinwerkbau

    Hi Martin I would be interested. How much do you want for it. Thanks Steve
  8. Air Rifle For Sale

    could you please send me some pics to sws1@btopenworld.com Thanks Steve
  9. Wanted Jacket

    I am trying to find a prone jacket one of the old style made by buttstop, tucker or 10X as i wish to try prone shooting but cant stand the rock hard modern double canvas jackets as they are so uncomfortable. I require a 42 or 44 inch chest. Thanks Steve
  10. Wanted Jacket

    Hi I picked up a jacket this morning from a range i visit in west cumbria as new and a very good price. thanks Steve
  11. Wanted Jacket

    Thanks for your comments i fully agree with all you have to say. I require an old jacket to shoot occasional prone black powder rifle My main reasons are elbow pads and an anchor point for sling and also so i dont ruin every item of clothing i own with black powder associated gunk. And i forgot to say i am a right handed shooter. Thanks Steve
  12. Hawkeye Bore Scope

    I am contemplating buying a Hawkeye bore scope. Does any one on here have one and are they any good. I think i would get the 17inch rigid scope probably with an angled eye piece More importantly has any one got one for sale! Thanks Steve
  13. Anschutz 4765 Buttplate

    Thanks Mate see you in june Many thanks Steve.
  14. Anschutz 4765 Buttplate

    Hi Alan I Think you are the person my son met at sywell Northampton on the 29th april and we also met you at bisley last week My son, Ross would be very interested in your but plate as he struggles to do 3p with the one that he has. Would you take £100 for it in a face to face deal at sywell june shoot. Please let me know Steve.
  15. Andrew Tucker Scope Stand

    Does anyone know if they are still producing scope stands as i need an extension rod. so i can use my scope stand for standing 10m shooting. Or does anyone have a spare they would like to sell? Many thanks Steve.
  16. Andrew Tucker Scope Stand

    Charles tried to Pm but it does not seem to work. I would love to take you up on the offer will continue to try to pm you later, or if you could pm me your mobile or email i could contact you that way. Thanks Steve
  17. Andrew Tucker Scope Stand

    Thanks for that, Hear from you soon i hope Many thanks Steve
  18. .22 Target Rifle Wanted

    Hi I am looking for a Top quality .22 target rifle with alu stock to use for 3p shooting please let me know if you have any thing. Many thanks Steve.
  19. Wanted Junior Trousers And Boots

    I am trying to locate a pair of shooting trousers and boots for my 11 year old son who has just joined the GB development squad. Due to his age and rate of growth at present the trousers would need to be 28-30 inch waist with a 28 inch leg approx. and the boots a size uk 8. He is a right handed shooter i think this makes a difference to the trousers. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks Steve.
  20. Feinwerkbau P70

    For sale feinwerkbau p70 10 metre target rifle with allu stock in red. This rifle is in very good condition and has only fired 2000 shots. £700 no offers please pm me if interested. Thanks Steve
  21. Feinwerkbau P70

    Now sold sbject to usual
  22. 10 Metre Junior Pcp Wanted

    I am looking for a junior 10 metre air rifle for my 11 year old son to start bell target shooting with a view to 10 metre shooting in the futre. I would like a pre charged rifle probably Fienwerkbau, Anschutz, Steyr, Hammerli. If you have anything suitable or know of anything please let me know. Many thanks Steve
  23. 10 Metre Junior Pcp Wanted

    Rifle sorted now Thanks Steve
  24. Torque Wrench, Trigger Gauges.

    I purchased two of 10X trigger gauges and found them to be excellent and 10X is a pleasure to deal with. Many thanks Steve
  25. Torque Wrench, Trigger Gauges.

    Hi 10x I have sent you an email thanks Steve