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  1. there are currently 63 Anschutz 22lr rifles on there, including a 1417 Walnut thumbhole... quite a few have photos and its quite nicely searchable. (I have no personal link to this site !!)





    The thought never crossed my mind for a second..... Many Thanks, i've just given it a look..... Excellent ;)

  2. Hello all.


    I've a club mate who may be in the market for a S/H smallbore prone rifle in the near future. His preferences are for a Anschutz thumbhole stock or even an older ally stock if he's lucky. His Budget top end is £700.


    I dont know any myself, since surrey guns seem to have an empty shelf, but if anyone knows of a dealer etc running a website advertising S/H rifles it would be a great help to him.


    Many thanks all... :D

  3. Hello Neil


    Yes, i was thinking (always difficult, sometimes dangerous), when a topic seems to have run its course, i.e. the one i originated about range bags what happens. Do you do that sort of housekeeping yourself?

  4. Sorry to be a niusance but i changed the main picture in my profile info, but i noticed it hadnt changed in the 'members search'. Ok what did i do wrong?


    Ok now i'm going crazy just checked again and its changed to what it should be.... :wacko: