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  1. Walther Rearsight With Parker Hale Adjustable Iris

    Sorry Adrian Shes dithering a bit so if you get an offer ........
  2. Walther Rearsight With Parker Hale Adjustable Iris

    Thaks Adrian I'll have a word with my beloved ofspring and get back to you ... ATB
  3. Walther Rearsight With Parker Hale Adjustable Iris

    Daft question time ..... But does anyone know if this will fit to a Anschutz match 54 prone rifle. I need a cheapish rear sight for my daughter as she is giving prone rifle a try and is using the wifes rifle. Groan
  4. S/h Rifle Websites

    Hello all. I've a club mate who may be in the market for a S/H smallbore prone rifle in the near future. His preferences are for a Anschutz thumbhole stock or even an older ally stock if he's lucky. His Budget top end is £700. I dont know any myself, since surrey guns seem to have an empty shelf, but if anyone knows of a dealer etc running a website advertising S/H rifles it would be a great help to him. Many thanks all...
  5. S/h Rifle Websites

    The thought never crossed my mind for a second..... Many Thanks, i've just given it a look..... Excellent
  6. Head Space Gauges

    So how do you know when the headspace is too much. And what does one do about it???
  7. Deleting Topics

    If i am the originator of a topic do i have the access to delete it, and if so how do i do it.
  8. Deleting Topics

    Hello Neil Yes, i was thinking (always difficult, sometimes dangerous), when a topic seems to have run its course, i.e. the one i originated about range bags what happens. Do you do that sort of housekeeping yourself?
  9. Photo

    Sorry to be a niusance but i changed the main picture in my profile info, but i noticed it hadnt changed in the 'members search'. Ok what did i do wrong? Ok now i'm going crazy just checked again and its changed to what it should be....