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  1. Ladies Jacket

    Hi I am looking for a ladies shooting jacket to suit a smallish size 10 lady, She has just completed her first season shooting indoors with a club jacket and would like to purchase her own one for the start of the outdoor season. A new jacket is too much at this stage for her so looking for a good second hand one. Cheers Gordie
  2. Headspace Gauges

    Thanks I bought a set from Barry Nesum along with the necessary shims. PS He is a great guy to deal with Knows his stuff.
  3. Headspace Gauges

    Hi I am looking for a set of head space gauges to check/set my 1913 Anschutz. If anyone has a set or knows where I can purchase a set that would be great cheers.
  4. Wanted 100/50M Front Sight

    Hi i am looking for a 180 degree roll over front sight to use out doors, Not sure if they can be bought new but as long as its in good condition that would be great. Thanks for looking
  5. Please Help. Butt Part Wanted(New Update With Photo)

    Hi are you still looking for a new hook mount ?
  6. Wanted: Anschutz Round Action Stock

    Hi I have a wooden stock with thumb hole and adjustable cheek piece it's in vgc been well looked after. It's had a 1913 barrel and action from new. I have just bought a precise stock. If this would suit you give me a shout with your e mail and I will send some pictures through. Cheers Gordie
  7. Noptel Sport 2 Electronic Trainer

    Hi Glenn I am lookin for a noptel could you give me a call on 07825678555 when you get a chance cheers Gordie