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  1. Everything Must Go!

    To the guys that has mailed me about the Gemini butt plates or any other part of the 50m 3p setup I am trying too keep it all together at the moment. However if I fail to sell it as a package I will then look to sell them off individually.
  2. Everything Must Go!

    Thanks for the PM's! The pics below are very haphazard and a group shots but should cover most of the stuff. http://www.myalbum.co.uk/Album=TVYFBYOH
  3. Everything Must Go!

    Sorry i could get back to you all yesterday. I will be on it tonight with pictures and replies! Cheers
  4. Everything Must Go!

    Hi Guys, The time has come...I am shifting all of my gear, nothing spared. PICS UP!! The pics below are very haphazard and a group shots but should cover most of the stuff. http://www.myalbum.c.../Album=TVYFBYOH PRICES: I don't have time for a comprehensive list so they are simply 55% of Edinkillie new price. > Walther LG300 xt anatomic - The main air rifle I used for my PB's/records/Olympics. The stock is modified. I have a modified cheek piece, widened shelf, weights glued onto the rear of the stock - removable with a bit of work. Most importantly I have heavily modified and shortened the rear and MEC butt plate, this means there is limited lengthening available. A new butt plate assembly and a new securing hole would have to be bought/made to have the rifle return to its full lengthening capability. > Walther KK300 - Action ONLY (used as a spare) > Brand new set of Kurt Thune Jacket and Trousers > Never used set of Marksman House (although there is discoloration on the canvas) However as many will know they are made to measure. Im 5ft 6 Small/Medium build. > Sauer Shooting boots (size 7-8) + stretchers/straighteners SOLD > Walther LG400 - £1800. **SOLD** > Walther KK300 with stock - Include all 3P extras. £2700 ** ALL SOLD** > MEC kneeling roll **SOLD** > Kurt Thune kneeling roll **SOLD** > TEC HRO rifle stand **SOLD** > MEC sling + all types of attachment ** SOLD** > Rifle Peli Case (large) **SOLD** > Anshutz kit bag **SOLD-pending** > Mec shooting glasses with 4 holder (air,+3p) **SOLD** Regards, James