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  1. Kit For Sale

    Decided to look at something else. Thanks
  2. Kit For Sale

    Anschutz Butt Hook 4765 including Plate and spacers. Good condition with a couple of marks on it to indicate position. £170.00 which will include postage. Anschutz Palm Rest Attachment for standing. £100.00 which will include postage. Centra Adjustable Iris with Filter and Magnification. -4.5 / +4.5 1.5x Used twice but discovered that it was not what was required. £125.00 which will include postage. Postage is within UK Respond and I can send photograph of each item. All Sold Thanks
  3. 1913 Supermatch

    Hi Mike Yes, still for sale. If you get your pm to me, I can gat a couple of pictures out to you.
  4. 1913 Supermatch

    1913 Anschutz Supermatch for sale. Complete with 7020/20 sights Will get a photo within the next day or two. Not the thumbhole stock, but a good basic modern one. Unsure what model it is, but you can get an idea at www.championshooters.com/1903big.htm. Looking for around £700.00 to part fund new rifle. P.M me and i will send photo. Sold Thanks for interest