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  1. Wanted- Alloy Stock

    Thanks John, I have replyed ;-) r
  2. Wanted- Alloy Stock

    I do! Its a MEC stock with Medium Grip and hook but for a 20x! Richard
  3. Raiser Block

    Anyone got a 4mm riser block or two for sale Cheers Richard
  4. Hi all, I have two FWB weight plates that fit on the butt and a spare air cylinder in Silver finish, thinking £100 for cylinder and £12 each for the plates (ono), will be at the Welsh AG shoot on Sunday if you want to look at them. Cheers Richard
  5. Fwb Butt Weights And Spare Air Cylinder

    I still have them, send me a PM and I can give you a call or send some pics? R
  6. Gemini Butt Hooks!

    Hi all, anyone got a Gemini Butt hook or two for sale? Cheers for looking Richard
  7. 10M Match Rifle Pre Charge

    Hi all, a club mate is wanting to get into 10m, he wants a 2nd hand precharge rifle of any make really.... any out there? Rich
  8. Butt Hook Swap!

    Hi I have a new style Anchutz butt hook and I am seeing if anyone out there would like to swap it for a Mec hook? My butt hook is in perfect nick but does not fit my Mec stock grrr Unfortunate I need one for kneeling position! I would be willing to buy a second hand Mec hook!!!!! Cheers Richard
  9. Fwb 700 Pistol Grip Swap

    Hi, I have a perfect condition large b/w grip on my FWB 700 alu, wondering if anyone wants to swap a medium sized one for it?
  10. Fore-End Block For Kneeling!

    Hi all, I am looking for a fore-end block to see if it will help with my kneeling position!!! Many thanks Rich
  11. Walther Gsp Sport Rifle

    you have pm ;-)
  12. Champions Choice Extension Bar

    Hi anyone wanting to sell an extension bar for a spotting scope so I can use it for 3P? Rich
  13. Shooting Jacket Repairs

    Philippa Taylor at philippataylor@talktalk.net she does alterations to Jacket and trousers, I had a vastly oversized pair of Kurt Thune trousers and she completely re did them to a fitting pair for me! Brilliant work Rich
  14. Devon Starting 3p Squad

    Saw some stuff on the HPS site in the car boot section ;-)
  15. Anschutz 1911 / 1811 Stock

    Hi Janis If it is not wanted could I step in? Can I ask if it has an adjustable butt end and also how much you would like for it so I can get back to our club secretary, I know he is after one! pm me if you like! Richard
  16. 2013!

    Hi I am looking at finding a 2013 action so I can play with sights and balance as I am having a bit of trouble with my current set up, thanks for looking! Cheers Richard
  17. Rifle And Kit For Sale

    You have pm ;-)
  18. Palm Rest For 2013 Supermatch!

    Hi, anyone got a palm rest that will fit into my pistol grip on my Anchutz 2013 wood stock rifle? Cheers Richard
  19. Bits And Pieces

    Hi can you tell me which Centra Spirit Levels are they, can I fit it to my 18mm foresight? Rich