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    When I bought my first "proper" rifle I asked for a bank loan. The cashier wasn't sure but said they would ask the bank manager. He chatted to me about the sport and was astonished in that I was needing about £600 for a rifle (I was also wanting a jacket and scope too...). He authorised the loan and insisted that he have a look at the rifle once I had bought it. Once I got it from Tom Colvin I had the fun of taking it into the bank and asking for the Manager... He became a member of the club and shot for a number of years.
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    Probably a good thing .. sorry, couldn't resist Ian
    Not sure on that one tbh
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    ooooo shiny!!! me like!
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    I have a walther LG210 10m match air rifle in very good condition. Comes with sights & hard case. It has a blue laminate stock.
    It's not got an alu stock, but it's about half the price you'll pay for one that has!