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  1. Promoting The Forum

    hi mate, maybe put up different disciplines to atract other people like airgunners,clay shooters, hft,ft, stuff like that..i think with alot of people its the fac issue, i have no fac but can use club guns, i still find the info on here verry good..maybe 1 day il be a competition shooter ..i wish, i will put a link in my profile thing of this forum on the other sites i use, there mainly airgunnin but have there fac members..il even start a thread to ask if any 1s checked here out, just to get people to have a look..a down side with here is when u 1st log on you think the sites closed but then if you read you need to join, maybe none members should be able to see but cant post till youve checked them over which i think is a good thing...another downer about havin loads of members is arguments..this place is chill no fuss forum, if it gets over crowded its bound to get hassley...some extra sections would be a good idea "when u do have time lol", hunting,hft/ft/clay shooting, pheasant, rabbit shooting, a clothing section..i could go on lol, il put a post on a few forums i go on..good luck
  2. Junior Air Rifle(s)

    hi mate, id go city air weapons as i personnely know steve and tim and know you probly wont get a better price, pluss they have used rifles..steve quoted me £600 a few months ago for the feinwerkbau 700 basic...let me know if you get rid of the feinwerkbaus you have now and i may have 1...heres city air weapons number 01217722999 or 01217421329, steve will look after you i assure u..good luck oh city air weapons is in birmingham and postal bans soon..