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  1. Number Of Topics (trivial)

    Yes, it's trivial but i'm at uni and bored. Just noticed that the number of topics that each forum claims to have isn't right (for example, "general" in "friends" claims to have 36 topics or something, which just isn't true). Probably just a consequence of the amount of crap we flooded it with before, and really not worth pointing out but, hey.
  2. Number Of Topics (trivial)

    ooooh, i didn't notice that! That's good - the old forum couldn't do that, could it? Or did i just not notice it there either? Cheers Neil! Now we don't need to see that the administrator hasn't tidied up the forum in months!
  3. Hey neil, Can i post pictures on here? I want to show everyone the snow outside my window. And why can only admin postin the FAQ? This could be a frequently asked question... well, it will if i copy and post this message a few times.