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  1. It seems to me that the new post evaluation has been changed to use the last login time and not whatever was being used before. Whenever I logout now, I lose all the messages on the unread messages list, that were posted before my new login date/time.



    That's a common behaviour among forum software, although I've just tried it, that's not how it's working for me.

  2. Well done Clive, you seem to be on to something there. Logged out and problem seems to have gone. :-)


    Logged out, logged in, went to the General forum and found 9 topics with last posting dates between 10th and 25th October with new post markers.


    Then went to Governing Bodies / NSRA forum and found 4 topics with last posting dates between 31st July and 15th October with new post markers.


    Isn't there any way of reverting to the old version of the software before frustration overtakes interest.

    Once they're set as new, logging out and back in isn't going to help until you've caused those thread to be marked as old first. Then log out and in to see a difference.


    Worked here, multiple different OS / browser, some that stores cookies, some that don't.