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    Have just started smallbore shooting, so I guess i'd have to say that. Also, wine, cheese, cake, mountains, camping, spending money on needless things, lying in bed, digestive biscuits.
  1. Ways Of The Rifle, Mental Training, Fwb P70

    P70 sold- thank you.
  2. Ways of the Rifle, 2002 edition, £25 plus £4.00 postage within the UK. Mental Training in shooting - 2006 - £15 plus £2.50 postage within the uk FWB P70 Air Rifle. Alu, Blue. All the usual signs of use. The Cylinder is marked II/04. Sights, and bits and bobs included. Lovely piece of kit, smooth action. Payment options: I bring it to you at Bisley or a 20 mile radius of UB2 - £650 You come and meet me at my house, UB2 - £600. Sorry, I'm not prepared to go through the hassle of arranging a courier / postage.
  3. Hi all, for sale is my Anschutz 1613, "X" barrel. Palm shelf, raising blocks for the sight line, and the modern butt-hook, not the original. Has proper provenance, was used to win competitions before I bought it. It's too good to become a club gun but would be perfect for someone looking for their first gun to buy. I'm looking for £500 and would throw in some extra bits and pieces for the right buyer. cheers Steve
  4. Kustermann Size 10 Old Style Boots

    as title - good condition - bought from an international shooter, but hardly used. Will need trimming to make issf compliant. Will sell on here, or put in landfill. photos on request, but they are the blue ones. £25, plus £10 postage.
  5. Target Shooting Stuff --- Clear Out ----

    you have pm Steve
  6. Clearance Sale

    LIkewise Steve
  7. Fwb 2602

    Selling on behalf of a chap at my club. He's very precious about his kit - it's cleaned before every shoot, and he really keeps it as new. This is a very nice rifle indeed. FWB 2602 ,Heavy barrel, AS NEW Blue, Alu stock. Aprox 3 -4 years old Standard sights, As it came out the box. SOLD Reply to me please and I'll pass all enquiries on as soon as I can. Regards Stephen.
  8. Well, I've been given approval to go ahead and purchase a gun cabinet in advance of my FAC. My Firearms officer wants me to have the type with an internal locking compartment, and I've no problems with that. If anyone has one for sale, or knows of one for sale, I'd be very interested. Cheers Steve