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  1. 10M Air Rifle Suitable For 3P

    I am looking for a 10m Air Rifle that will take a handstop, and is suitable for a junior to learn 3P with. Thanks.
  2. Promoting The Forum

    Neil, Have you any 'instructions' or a 'guide' on how to do things on the forum. e.g. How do you get the quotes from other peoples posts into yours in the blue box? As a beginner, finding my way around was a little longwinded untill I discovered the 'View new posts' link at the top. Thanks.
  3. Wanted Jacket

    Hi, Tucker are making jackets again and you can choose the option of either the new stiff canvas or the old style single softer canvas. The website is http://www.andrewtuckertargetsports.co.uk They are reasonably well priced too