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  1. Remember Me

    Now I don't understand. I deliberately logged in form work, left my self logged in and then logged from home. no problems ! JY
  2. Lp2 Compact Or Similar

    I am afraid to say that they use bable fish for the translation and well..... Searching in anything bu the german version is completely busted JY
  3. Remember Me

    An if you home pc is on DHCP then every time your ISP give yo a new number that would do it as well.
  4. Lp2 Compact Or Similar

    Have a look on http://www.egun.de/ Was not one last week but you never know Julian
  5. Remember Me

    the only other possibility i can see is the "pass_hash" cookie which expires after 7 days but I have no idea what it does
  6. Remember Me

    As far as I can see, the cookie should last about a year, after which they will expire suddenly and without warning. I could not find anything in the microsoft support base about ie 7 specific to cookies, how the answer may lie in installing firefox JY
  7. Upgrading The Forum

    Neil, did some more testing, it all works fine from home , so I guess the office firewall has something in it. Many thanks for all your efforts Clive enjoy Firefox 2.0 and its spelling checker Julian
  8. Upgrading The Forum

    Hi Niel, I sent you two emails this morning to forum-admin@stirton.com sorry if that was the wrong address, but hear is the gist of it; On _both_ IE and Firefox if you click the galleries button ion the top you get; Fatal error: Class gallery_sql_queries: Cannot inherit from undefined class db_driver in /home/stirton/public_html/forum/sources/sql/mysql_gallery_queries.php on line 18 If you go to a profile and click send message you get; Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/stirton/public_html/forum/sources/components_ucp/gallery.php on line 50 anything to do with messaging give the Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/stirton/public_html/forum/sources/components_ucp/gallery.php on line 50 error For firefox only my assistant pops up two windows - firefox only IE OK my friends pop us nothing - firefox only IE OK the content of the Topic,Post,Content, Friends tabs is missing - firefox only IE OK I tried to save you and effort and did a search on the invision forums but failed to turn up anything interesting other that people slagging off old version of firefox. You are more familiar with invision so you may have better luck If I can be of any help don't hesitate to ask I am also a programmer J
  9. Upgrading The Forum

    Clive Take a look at the later version of the firefox browser, it has a spelling checker built in to it. Works for most things including this board www.firefox.com J UPDATE Sorry Clive I just discovered that firefox has problems with the new board , if we get a fix and and answer oh how to solve it I will let let you know. Such a pity I really like the latest version