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  1. I didn't make my earlier post very clear. I know that the Swing is the Daddy of Fullbore rifles (IMHO :wink: ), hence governed by the NRA fullbore rules (section 11.10) which allow the use of crossover sights. I was pointing out (mainly to Neil) that these sights are legal for international shooting, be it Fullbore, Smallbore, 300M or Air rifle. Come to think of it a Swing is pretty much identical to a Paramount, isn't it? If this is true then I would agree with Griff in that it'd be difficult to align foresight and rearsight properly. Unless you swapped the foresight for a Walther style dovetail block (I don't clearly recall how it's attached to the barrel).
  2. Periscope sights are legal for NRA Fullbore so long as they are non-magnifying. For clarification, ISSF Rifle rule states "A prism or mirror device may be used when shooting from the right shoulder while aiming from the left eye or vice versa providing it does not have a magnifying lens or lenses. It must not be used when shooting from the right shoulder when using the right eye or from the left shoulder when using the left eye." (I really can't imaging what shape you would need to be to accomplish that feat!) I think this rule applies for ISSF Sport, Standard, Free and Air rifles. ISSF rifle rules:- http://www.issf-shooting.com/Rules/special..._for_rifle.html
  3. Headspace gauge

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...67&category=135 Just found this on Ebay. Could provide a good pattern for the job. 45 & 47 thou seems a bit excessive though (even for an old magazine feeder)...
  4. Headspace gauge

    I wouldn't reccomend that for technical drawings, mate. There always seems to be some niggly little B :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: ding detail that doesn't scan properly.
  5. Dimensions for Headspace Gauges

    8) Bingo, that's exactly what I would do... You will probably find that most local clubs will have such a person (like me) and they are usually open to paying work (or Beer Bribery). Look for the club members who lurk in dank oilly corners and ask politely if they have a lathe... (Oh, and if you're measuring a loaded case for max rigidity and concentricity don't squeeze the rim too hard :shock: ) Play safely kids
  6. Dimensions for Headspace Gauges

    I think ANSI have a website somewhere, failing that our Uni library almost certainly has a copy of the relevant standard on stock (they seem to have everything else).
  7. Scope and Anschutz Sights Wanted in Ayrshire

    There's a guy advertising in the classified section of Riflesports.com selling a couple of sets of new Anschutz 6805 sets (Fore & Rear) for $175 (£108). Even after carriage these are cheap for new sights and better than the standard 1807 type. His name is Terry Keener, email:- oogle@bellsouth.net As for the scope a new Russian made Helios zoom scope is about £90 including tripod and carriage. I've used Helios camera lenses for quite a while now and found the overall quality to be superb. These are available from Glen Olivers at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/glen.oliver/spotting.htm At that price I feel they are better value than most of the secondhand stuff I've seen. Hope you find some of this useful
  8. Headspace gauge

    Hey Richard, I think it is a little drastic travelling 4/5 hours (at least) just to check out your headspace You going to fly over to check yours Come on JV, a few pints will surely do it mate :?: Damn, my major weakness enters discussion! :twisted: Really guys, these gauges are very, very simple. A decent turner could knock them out in no time flat (ie <30 mins each). After that a decent digital vernier can measure firing pin indentation. (By the way nealjguns.com has gauges listed @$1080.00, surely a typo).
  9. Headspace gauge

    :idea: If it is the gauge for setting barrel/bolt headspace, why not make one or have it made for you :?: They are basically a mock .22 round in stainless steel with a rim machined to required thickness (they seem to cost an awful lot for what they are... :shock: ). For an idea of what one looks like, have a look at nealjguns (neal johnson gunsmithing) web catalog. If you figure out what dimensions you need any competent machinist (me included ) could make one for you at a reasonable cost. If however its a rim thickness gauge for ammo you need, that might be more difficult coz I don't know what they look like... :?
  10. Walther Sights

    Hi there, Would anyone have a front sight assembly to fit a Walther KKM :?: The rifle belongs to the Newcastle University Students Rifle Club, so as cheap as possible please (Some hope, being a :shock: Walther... ). Any help much appreciated.
  11. Walther Sights

    Thanks for the tip Mac, but Centra's basic sight sets cost about as much as the rifle is worth . I'm really looking for a cheap secondhand unit to get this rifle back into service. It's a fairly early KKM in a standard prone stock (doesn't look much different to a KK100).
  12. club info

    Where are you in Northumberland? Cumbria & Northumbria Target Shooting Association should have most of the local clubs info on http://www.edenforge.co.uk/cntsa/ I'm currently shooting with The Newcastle University Students Rifle Club. Hope you find a club, JV