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    Massimo reacted to Curiosity_kills in Fwb P70 Blue Alu .177 Air Rifle   
    Complete rifle with original Sights and Buttplate

    Rifle has been regularly serviced by FWB


    Price includes:
    • Second air cylinder
    • Cylinder adapter and emptier
    • Adjustable 22mm Centra foresight iris
    • Set of raising blocks
    • Stock weight
    • 2000 H&N pellets batch tested at factory

    Stock has some modifications:
    Varnish has been taken off pistol grip and forend block for more grippy surface (pic 2 and 4)
    Underside of stock has been cut down to give jacket clearance in standing position (pic 3)

    Payment in cash on collection or via a bank transfer. Based in Bath, Somerset, delivery via a courier can be arranged paid by the buyer.

    email: an245@bath.ac.uk
    mobile: 079 0880 9039