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    Small bore (indoor and outdoor), full bore. Creative writing, photography, design...but the last three interests are handily also my job.
  1. Kurt Thune Boots

    Now sold
  2. Kurt Thune Boots

    Size 42, roughly UK size 8-8.5. Very light use, I am looking for £45 plus p&p.
  3. Ahg Stenvaag Strong Boots

    You have PM. Where are you on the island?
  4. Pardini Gpr-1 Air Rifle

    Very light use, be sad to see it go. Near mint condition. £1900 ono. Owner in Scotland.
  5. Fwb 2700 Free Rifle

    PM sent....
  6. Final Sell Off

    Yes, some idea of prices you're looking for would be handy; I could be interested in a number of the items
  7. Kurt Thune Trousers

    Yep that'd be ideal... Time's a bit tight for me evening-wise this week but I could meet you on Thursday afternoon or Saturday perhaps. Just drop me a mail at the usual address if you like... I tried PM'ing you earlier but your mailbox seems nuked Cheers Colin
  8. Kurt Thune Trousers

    I might be interested in these...I would like to have a go at air when I can find the time and am local at least. Cheers, Colin
  9. Kurt Thune Trousers

    I've sent you a message on this
  10. Fwb 700 Alu / Noptel St 2000

    I sent you a private message...
  11. Fwb 700 Alu / Noptel St 2000

    You have PM
  12. Steyr Lg1 Ssp

    You have PM
  13. For Sale - Feinwerkbau P70 In Wooden Stock

    The value would have shot up today!
  14. Instruction Manual For An Fwb 601

    You could try approaching Feinwerkbau. Leave an e-mail on their site and throw yourself upon their mercy. I didn't have a manual for my 2602 and they obligingly sent me one free.