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  2. antiglare tube

    Hi all Looking for an antiglare tube, rear sight, Anschutz fit, thank you in advance. Dave S
  3. antiglare tube

    Hi all Looking for an antiglare tube, rear sight, Anschutz fit, thank you in advance. Dave S
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  5. Fullbore rifle for student club

    I don’t have anything for sale, but at that price I would look ata musgrave, which is what I currently shoot with. I got mine for under £200 and it shoots very well. Good luck
  6. Tabular vs Grid Layout

    David, it was done back in Feb
  7. Last week
  8. Anschutz Target Rifle Wanted South-East

    Also off topic, but then this is also a Wanted in the sales! Flat top cheek pieces are a doddle to make, I make all mine for all mine and my wife's rifles that don't come with them, email me for pics
  9. Anschutz Target Rifle Wanted South-East

    Slightly off topic, but why not make your own cheekpiece? On an 1813* the wood is held onto the metal bracket with two wood screws. It's a doddle to remove it, and screw on a piece of softwood that''s about the right size and shape. Cut or sand that to shape and call your uncle Robert. You even get lateral adjustment by how far across the bracket you screw on the new wood. *And any Supermatch using that spring-loaded cheekpiece - 1413 (from 1972/3), 1613, 1813, and 1913 (until at least 93), and the 11 series of Prone-only rifles.
  10. Anschutz Target Rifle Wanted South-East

    Hi James, I think you're right, I like the Supermatch stock. I find the 1913 or 2013 type cheekpiece ok, it has height and a little sideways movement with a fairly square edge. I can't seem to find the right position with the older models with height only and the cheekpiece with the more rounded shape. The alloy stocks do seem to command a high price, perhaps because most of the best shooters with very good rifles use them. I was in Australia in February and missed a 1913 in alu that was advertised for £1250... :-/
  11. .308 / 7.62 TR

    Still looking .....! Thanks!
  12. Anschutz Target Rifle Wanted South-East

    You'd be doing well to get a full rifle with all the attachments and an alu stock for not much over £1000 Richard. How much adjustability are you wanting in the cheekpiece? If it's just height you want to adjust then a Supermatch stock will do you nicely as a newbie.
  13. Anschutz Target Rifle Wanted South-East

    Thanks Neil, looks nice but I'll probably look for something cheaper if it has a wooden stock, or stretch the budget a bit if it has a metal one. Regards, Richard
  14. Fullbore rifle for student club

    Hi, the SSS Fullbore is coming up next month and as of yet, Aberdeen University doesn’t have a 7.62/.308 that works. At max we have a budget of about £300 which I understand is quite low for a rifle but if anyone has something that still shoots in a straight line we’d be happy to take a look. thanks
  15. Wanted

    Hi I am after a HW 98 FT, does anyone have one for sale near Staffordshire?? Dom
  16. Anschutz Target Rifle Wanted South-East

    Hi Richard, I do have an 1813 with a Boarder barrel which has only shot about 7,500 rounds, and am looking for £1200 as it comes complete with sights, handstop and bipod - PM me if you’re interested. I did post some pictures of it a while ago on the For Sale section if you want to trawl back and find it though cheers Neil.
  17. Spotting scope and bipod

    Looking for a scope that will work from 25-1000 yards. I am also looking for an opticron bipod or similar. Thanks
  18. University club looking for a NOPTEL Range Trainer!

    Hi Sarah We have one for sale in Blairgowrie if your interested? Callum
  19. Kit for sale - remaining few items

    I have cleared out the items sold, leaving only what remains.
  20. TEC-HRO System 2 side sight displacement adaptor

    Now SOLD. Cismpete
  21. I need some space in my gun cabinet for new 'toys', so it is time to say goodbye to a couple of my old small bore rifles. Both are LEFT HANDED SOLD - Anschutz 1807 complete with standard sights in generally nice condition £500 - Now provisionally SOLD BSA Martini MkII (left hand action, left hand stock) complete with relatively new Parker Hale sights £200 I will endeavour to get some photos added in the next week. I am located in S Hertfordshire, but will also be at Bisley on many weekends... Obviously only available to FAC holders with a 'slot', face to face transaction with payment in cash please. For more details, send a text with your contact details to 07866 079957 (this is my 'spare phone' which is not always on)
  22. I am selling the butt plate from my 1813 supermatch on eBay, link below https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Anschutz-Butt-Plate/132582438872?hash=item1ede8777d8:g:fi0AAOSw4NpawnvE
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  24. Anschutz 54.30/1918 Smallbore Rifle

    Oh. Rats. I was expecting pics in my inbox :/ Hey ho.
  25. Anschutz 54.30/1918 Smallbore Rifle

    This rifle is now sold. Thanks for looking guys.
  26. Anschutz 54.30/1918 Smallbore Rifle

    Davie you have a message

    Prce reduced to £700.00
  28. Anschutz 54.30/1918 Smallbore Rifle

    I have more pics of this rifle but the forum only allows 1MB of pics on each add. if you require more I can send them via email. commandomac@hotmail.co.uk
  29. Anschutz 54.30/1918 Smallbore Rifle

    This rifle is only a year old and has shot one season of cards at club level plus 3 competitions at other clubs. additions to the basic rifle are : Anschutz canting sights, : Centra score crystal foresight tunnel : ahg-Anschutz Bipod precise : Barry Nesom 12 inch Tube extension. Rifle has been well looked after and cleaned after every shoot. Please note: the handstop is not for sale. I will offer it at a minimum of £2800 but would expect and will accept a reasonable offer above that. Many thanks Davie.
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