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  2. System Gemini ACTIV Butt Plate

    Nope, still for sale if you’re interested!
  3. System Gemini ACTIV Butt Plate

    Did this sell? Regards Matt
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  5. Walther LP400 - Carbon

    Walther LP400 - Carbon, Air Pistol Right Hand - LARGE Grip Complete with Manual, Barrel Weights, Cleaning Kit, Universal tool & Air Cylinder exchange voucher (replacement cylinder at 10 yrs) Less than 1 tin of pellets used. Only 8 months old. 'Arthritic' shoulder is dictating sale £1200.00 ono
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  7. Sold - FEINWERKBAU Model 800 X

    This is now sold..
  8. Megalink electronic targets

    If you mean split into individual target and monitor pairs, then an additional adapter, plus cable and power supply would be required, and a further power supply if the targets's internal lighting was required, for each target and monitor pair.
  9. German 565 Adjustable Iris Rear Sight

    The clear out continues.... this is is a German 565 adjustable iris rear sight to fit Anschutz and FWB. I bought it with the hope that it would improve my shooting, then realised that I needed to commit more time, not more money.... it was fitted, used once, and then I never shot again so it’s in ‘as new’ condition. These cost upwards of £165 from most suppliers, i want £125 including recorded postage.
  10. Trigger shoe

    Jack, No, there aren't any commercially made blades for the old 1400 triggers. I looked about ten years ago. You have to get creative with the plastic metal, or find an obliging machinist.

    Anyone have one of these at a reasonable price in GC Thanks
  12. Jacket, Sling, Handstop, Foresight, Book,

    I would like to buy the AHG Swing sling. Need to have it shipped to Norway or Sweden.
  13. Trigger shoe

    Hi, I'm currently shooting a match modell 54 with a two-stage trigger and am wondering if there are different trigger shoes/blades available. I am aware that the design is out of date so modern shoes will not fit. I've attached an image which basically shows what I'm working with.
  14. Anschutz 2018

    Bought my rifle in 2014. It has been rebarrel by Anschutz earlier this year and has had less than 1000 rounds through the barrel. It has also been sent to Eley to be batch tested, PM me for these results. Comes with Anschutz Butplate and Anschutz Cheekpiece(this has been sawn off at the end). There are a few cosmetic scratches on the stock otherwise it is in very good condition. Please PM for more picture as I can not upload anymore. Asking £2600 for this rifle. Selling it because a new rifle is on its way.
  15. wanted steyr/rink medium grip

    wanted steyr/rink medium grip for steyr lp50/lp5, any available or swop for my large? Just been told by steyr that all the grips are interchangeable apart from the electronic models, so potentially any medium non electronic model will do. Cheers
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  17. http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/evotop-evomix-jacket-sizing-a-15.html Black, red, and white evotop for a right-handed shooter. Excellent condition, bought 3 years ago for £600 would like £350 but am open to offers. Bought it from Edinkillie so I have attached a link to their sizing guide which shows measurements for the ladies 21D. If you google Anschutz evotop you'll get better photos but I've attached one of the jacket being (beautifully) modelled.

    Walther LP400 - Aluminium Immaculate Condition 4 Months Old - only 2 tins of pellets fired through it Brand new Walther grip - unused - Right handed but can easily be changed for a left All original paperwork, tools and parts including Walther Alan key tool and weights (unused) plus cylinder attachment Recently serviced by Walther directly - Service record included Excellent competition pistol. Bought and barely used as I have another. £1150 ono
  19. As above Anschutz leather sling for a left hander. Never been used. £25
  20. As above. Bought and virtually never used. Possibly a minor scratch or two on stock from sitting in gun cupboard. Will have fired just a few shots. £275. A fraction of new price.
  21. Morini Air Pistol for sale

    Morini match air pistol for sale in top condition. £750. Send email address for details/ photographs.
  22. Steyr Pistol Grip

    I have an old Steyr grip made by Leslie Bowler. It has been adjusted for previous owner but still servicable and would allow a person to personalize a grip for themselves without carving up the factory supplied one. £25 plus postage.
  23. wanted steyr LP5, Aeron B98 or similar

    Hi, I have a LP50 compact with two 5 shot magazines + single shot Magazine and dry fire magazine. Little used of late and a right hand medium rink grip . looking for £1000 for it ,PM me if you have further interest. Moriniman
  24. Megalink electronic targets

    If a set of 10 is to be split, then an extra pair of connection boxes, power supplies and extra cables would be required - this is how I connect the targets for 10m (the cable between the connection boxes is 15m, I think - I know it's longer than 10m, but I've never measured it):-
  25. wanted steyr LP5, Aeron B98 or similar 5 shot target air pistol. Cheers.
  26. Megalink electronic targets

    Would you split.
  27. Megalink electronic targets

    Ah, that I don't know Ian. I was talking about the FB page.
  28. Megalink electronic targets

    OK, thanks, wasn't sure whether what was being referred to was the Facebook Shooting UK page or the forums on the shootinguk.co.uk web site.
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