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  2. £500 available for 10 Metre target rifle

    Hi all, new to the forum As above 10 metre target rifle wanted, possibly a bit more ££
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  4. All kit has now been provisionally sold - pending payment and collection
  5. For Sale: Feinwarkbau 800 X

    For Sale: £2000. Feinwarkbau 800 X (As seen in Pic) The Rifle was serviced in April 2017 in Dortmund and batch tested Not used since. * FWB 800 X. * FWB Case. * 2000 RWS Batch Tested Pellets. (Batch record Sheet) * Blue Pellet holder box. * FWB 22mm Adjustable Fore Sight with blue cover. * FWB Standard Butt Plate * Air cylinder Adapter. (in the Little box). Unfortunately I cant find the manual for it, but you can down load it online If required. Loc: Bisley but can be brought up to Co Durham May 18 Thanks for looking Drop me a email for any further info: angistacker@hotmail.com
  6. Greenkat spotting scope 22x 60

    Is the scope still available? Mine is need of retirement as it no longer sealed!
  7. Last week
  8. Anschutz 4506 Torque Wrench.

    Hi, Ive sent you a P.M. Thanks Jonty
  9. Anschutz 4506 Torque Wrench.

    Anschutz 4506 Torque wrench in plastic box. Looks like new. £45 including postage.
  10. Steyr Lp10 Match Target Air Pistol. ***reduced***

    Hi Nic, If the Steyr cylinder is still available, what date is it valid to? Many thanks, Andrew
  11. Anschutz Prone Stock

    Found one! Thanks for looking. Rob
  12. rear sight required

    Real Gamo sights with the name moulded on them like on the Supermatch were adequate but these latest ones that come with the Air Atms S200T and S400 10m are even cheaper copies. Yes Ive replaced mine with Centra Pro57 about the same price and same design as the Gehmann Compact. You still have the FWB front sight that's 4mm lower that could be a problem at 10m. Modern front sights won't fit.
  13. rear sight required

    Cheap sights, you get what you pay for, a cheap sight!!! And Gamo are rubbish. The best budget sight is the Gehmann 590 compact, they are top level quality at budget money, we have used them for air, small bore, and my wife is currently using one on her 300 metre rifle, excellent sights for budget money of around £140 new, and they will fit any dovetail. Have Fun Robin
  14. rear sight required

    I bought two of those chinese copy "Gamo type" 30 quid sights and both needed the clamp filing to bed them down and one iris plate wobbled so much I scrapped it. I think Air Arms et al get the pick of the batch for their rifles and the rest go on the spares market. They have 9.0mm thread not the standard 9.5 so you can't fit a better iris without retapping (see my youtube channel). FWB 300 standard sights are about 4mm lower and you may not have enough adjustment. Apart from that they'r ok
  15. rear sight required

    Hi have you thought about a Gamo Dioptre search on Amazon for Gamo Dioptre around £30 posted they will fit the FWB 300 series
  16. Steyr Pistol Grip

    Dear Border, What size and orientation is this grip please? Any photos? Many thanks, Andrew
  17. Steyr Lp2 For Sale

    Did you use the small Steyr left-handed grips that came with this pistol? If not, and still available, I would be very interested in these for my son please. Many thanks, Andrew
  18. Target pistol

    What’s your budget les? are you looking for a compressed air, co2 or something old that you cock. Right or left handed?
  19. Anschutz Prone Stock

    Hi all, Anyone out there have an Anschutz walnut prone stock with adjustable cheek piece that they might like to part with? Tatty is fine as looking to completely refinish. cheers in anticipation Rob
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  21. Hi provisionally dold pending pick up and payment on 23rd - once sold I will remove post.
  22. Chris, is this Rifle still for sale? Regards Angus
  23. rear sight required

    Hi all, My university club is looking to repair our air rifles and as such we need a rear sight for one of them. the rifle needing the rear sight is an FWB for rail reference.
  24. Tabular vs Grid Layout

    When? 😉 I still don't like the new layout Neil.
  25. Webley Alecto { Zoraki} .177 Air Pistol

    sorry mate...sold last week
  26. Target pistol

    I have a Hammerli AP40 with loads of kit best to pm me if interested
  27. WANTED-Alloy stock

    Not sure my last response got to you. Anschutz 1913 stock, looking forvaround £1400 thanks
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